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Application Dates

Louie and Fredbird

Are you ready to apply to become a Triton?

Applicants to the University of Missouri - St. Louis can apply and be admitted any day of the year. It is recommended however, that you submit all necessary portions of the Application Process as soon as you are ready. This will make sure that you are eligible for as much financial aid as you could be and that you will be able to pick out the perfect class schedule for your first semester as a new UMSL student.

We recommend starting the application process at the following times:

February - Students applying to start in the Fall or Summer
September - Student applying to start in the Spring.

Students who think that they may be eligible for Scholarships should be admitted before the following scholarship deadlines:

April 1st -  Fall Transfers 
December 1st - Spring Transfers

And remember to complete your FAFSA by the appropriate Deadline.