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PhD in Business Administration, Supply Chain and Analytics Emphasis

Supply chain is an exciting field with new opportunities and challenges for innovative research. The UMSL Supply Chain & Analytics doctoral program prepares students and professionals for the highest level of academic study and scholarship in this field. The primary focus of the program is applied research to better manage supply chains and operations in a business environment that is increasingly complex and data-driven. The instructional component of the program provides a solid grounding in business, with advanced coursework covering the latest developments in supply chains and analytics. Our program benefits from the vibrant industries in the St. Louis region, the strong support from our Advisory Board of business leaders.

We welcome both full-time and part-time students whose career goals are to become a teacher and scholar in academia, or a professional and researcher in industry. Ideal candidates should possess a Master’s degree in business administration from an AACSB accredited school, or a related degree such as in engineering. Having industrial experience is a plus. Applications are also accepted from outstanding students with baccalaureate degrees, though their program of coursework will be longer. Graduate assistantships that include a monthly stipend and a tuition scholarship are available on a merit basis.

Our Ph.D. program relies on the College of Business Administration's  high quality and research-productive faculty in the Supply Chain & Analytics area. The program also leverages links with the College's affiliated research centers, including the  Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Research Institute


Contact Information

James F. Campbell, PhD
PhD Program Director
email: campbelljf@umsl.edu