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Visiting Students

A visiting student is one who has completed at least one semester at another institution and plans to return to that college or university after attending UMSL. To qualify as a visiting student, applicants must be an actively enrolled student at another college or university.

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Consortium Agreement

UMSL degree students may take some courses at UMSL and some at another school with intent of transferring those courses to UMSL upon completion. Students wishing to receive financial aid at UMSL for coursework completed at both schools should review the terms of the Consortium Agreement to determine whether they are eligible for the additional aid.

Consortium agreement forms are made available at each academic unit. Please check with your academic advisor to initiate this process.

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Non-Degree Seeking Students

A non-degree-seeking student is someone interested in taking classes for personal or professional development. Non-degree-seeking students are not required to pay an application fee or submit transcripts. Financial aid is not available for non-degree-seeking students.

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Fee Waiver for Senior Citizens

Missouri residents age 65 and older may enroll in a undergraduate credit course on an audit, space-available basis (after fee-paying students have enrolled) for a $25 registration fee. Any course-related fees are additional. Proof of age and Missouri residency must be provided at time of enrollment, and any course requirements or prerequisites must be met.

  • Interested potential students should visit the Course Catalog to find courses in which they might be interested.
  • Fill out the express application form and bring that to the Registrar (269 MSC) no sooner than two work days before the start of classes.
  • The Registrar will determine if space is available. Once this has been verified, the students should bring the form to Student Financial Services (327 MSC), pay the fees and get ready to take the courses of interest.