Master the key to understanding the life sciences with a masters in biochemistry and biotechnology.

Biochemistry is the study of biology and chemistry, and the processes that take place within living organisms. Biotechnology is the end result of these studies, combining biology and chemistry with mathematics and physics to produce useful products, as well as biochemical techniques and physical analyses, for a better understanding of biochemistry. Biochemistry and biotechnology are so closely linked because an understanding of biochemical processes is required before that knowledge can be applied to technology, all of which is at the core of the life science industry.

Master of Science in Biochemistry and Biotechnology

The Master of Science in Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Missouri–St. Louis is offered in cooperation with the Department of Biology and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. This integrated, interdisciplinary degree program covers both the basic principles and the technological applications of biochemistry and biotechnology, providing candidates with the training they need to take advantage of the many job opportunities in the life sciences industry. Most courses are offered in formats that accommodate working students, and online options are available in many, but not all, semesters. An Emphasis in Professional Science option is also available to offer a unique perspective on the business, financial and legal aspects of biotechnology research.


Program type:

Graduate, MS



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Why earn a degree in Biochemistry & Biotechnology at UMSL?

The Biology Department ranks in the top 20 percent of the nation’s research institutions, based on scholarly productivity and federal research grant funding. Both biology and chemistry students have the opportunity to engage in hands-on research projects under the guidance of faculty. Science students benefit from the Science Learning Building, a $32 million addition to the UMSL science complex that provides state-of-the-art, dedicated teaching lab spaces for students.

Outcomes and Career Outlook

Many students engage in individual research projects in the labs of biochemistry and biotechnology faculty members, and many graduates are employed in industry or academic laboratories. Graduates have also gone on to pursue further training in PhD programs or professional schools of optometry, dentistry, medicine or veterinary medicine.

Biochemists earned a median annual salary of $102,270 according to wage and employment data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.



Median annual salary


Employment growth by 2031

Career Opportunities

  • Biochemical Engineer
  • Biochemist
  • Chemist
  • Clinical Research Specialist
  • Enzymologist
  • Food Scientist
  • Forensic Biologist
  • Geneticist
  • Hydrologist
  • Inorganic Chemist
  • Mineralogist
  • Molecular Biologist
  • Pharmaceutical Researcher
  • Pharmacologist
  • Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs
  • Teacher
  • Toxicologist


Admission Requirements

Applicants must submit a completed application form and transcripts of all previous coursework to the Graduate School. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, or a related field from an accredited institution of higher learning. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) is required for regular admission. All admitted students must have completed undergraduate courses in genetics, cell biology, organic chemistry, and biochemistry as necessary prerequisites for our program

International applicants whose native language is not English must submit scores reflecting proficiency in English, as detailed by UMSL Global.

Domestic Applicant Deadlines

Fall semester: July 1, Spring semester:, December 1, Summer Semester: May 1

International Applicant Deadlines

Fall semester: May 1, Spring semester: October 1

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Biochemistry & Biotechnology

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Non-Missouri Residents: Prospective students are responsible for reviewing the NC-SARA state authorizations page to see if this program is offered in their state throughout their program and to review the licensure or certification requirements for the state in which they reside.

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