Lifelong Learning @ UMSL promotes the love of learning and civic engagement. While it serves older adults (over 50), it includes intergenerational learning, building social capital, creating stronger social networks and mobilizing and strengthening communities across all age groups. All ages are encouraged to attend Lifelong Learning @ UMSL events.

Pay Equity Symposium

The Pay Equity Symposium put on by Lifelong Learning @ UMSL will commence with a keynote address by Atty. Donna L. Harper, Sedey Harper, P.C. It will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Sally Ebest, director of UMSL Gender Studies, ending with three breakout sessions and report-outs. A hearty breakfast will be served.

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For more information, please contact Malaika Horne, PhD, at (314) 516-4749.

Past Events:

Health Insurance Literacy: Identifying Awareness and Promoting Healthy Communities

View Video from 2014 Health Insurance Literacy: Identifying Awareness  

In Missouri, limited health literacy affects 1.6 million, with an increasing number of studies linking limited health literacy to poor health. The aim of this symposium was to encourage and promote health insurance literacy and its processes to promote better healthy decisions. Specialists in the field discussed how we can be more literate and more involved in promoting this essential area of health care.