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The Computer Education & Training Center is located in the West County Continuing Education Center, 12837 Flushing Meadows Drive, just two blocks from its previous location. The space incorporates the latest classroom innovations with student amenities that foster the learning process: new classrooms designed for effective computer training, updated audiovisual equipment, flexible room layouts, and a centralized student area with laptop stations, a kitchen, and lounge seating.

The Computer Education & Training Center has been providing quality computer education to the St. Louis metro area since 1982. The program offers short-term courses (often one day or two evenings) that allow students to learn business applications, programming languages, web and graphics programs, and much more. Course areas are arranged so that students can enroll in the course appropriate for their experience level and educational goals.

These courses have no tests; they provide hands-on practice through instructor-led examples and in-class exercises. Instructors are highly skilled in both the subject matter and in their ability to clearly communicate the technical concepts covered in the courses. The course materials are developed by instructors or curriculum developers and updated regularly, reflecting input from students as well as software changes.

Courses are offered at the West County Continuing Education Center, conveniently located near I-270 and Manchester Road. The West County Continuing Education Center provides an exceptional learning environment with spacious classrooms, and resources and services for students and corporate customers.

In addition to scheduling courses open to the entire community, the program also works with organizations and businesses to create custom courses tailored to their specific needs. The Computer Education & Training Center staff use their experience and expertise to create a unique course that meets the exact requirements of the organization.

Over its lifetime, the Computer Education & Training Center has scheduled more than 24,000 courses, enrolling over 320,000 students. Due to its commitment to quality and customer service, the program has built a reputation for providing excellence in computer education in the St. Louis area.

For more information, including the current course schedule, visit our Web site at cetc.umsl.edu.


At the Computer Education & Training Center, we offer a diverse set of intensive computer education courses. More than 170 unique courses are offered in topics such as: computer basics, business applications, database management, desktop publishing, graphics, internet/intranet technologies, web page design, workgroup collaboration, project management, network management, operating systems and programming languages.

Our intensive courses are arranged in series—introductory, intermediate, and advanced—to allow students to enroll in courses at the level best suited to their existing skills and future goals. Courses are condensed into one- or two-day sessions, and are offered both during the day and in the evening.

Quality and consistency are priorities of the Computer Education & Training Center. Students who enroll in an introductory course in a particular application can be assured that the intermediate and advanced courses that follow will build on the same curriculum foundation that they received in the introductory course, even if course instructors are different, because all instructors use the same curriculum materials. These courses are not "canned," but rather are created and refined by instructors based on feedback from students and real-world experience. Courses are updated frequently, and new courses are added regularly.

Our in-depth courses use hands-on practice to reinforce theoretical understanding. Students perform activities along with the instructor and practice their new skills independently through in-class exercises. When they leave the classroom, our students are ready to perform practical applications of the course material they have just learned.

For current course schedule, visit the CETC Catalog.

Ready to enroll? Call Ellen Asher at (314) 984-9000 or e-mail enroll@cetc.umsl.edu.

Need more information about which course is right for you?
Call our student adviser Paul Westermann at (314) 984-9000 or e-mail info@cetc.umsl.edu

For more information, visit our Web site at http://www.cetc.umsl.edu.

Certificate Programs

The Computer Education & Training Center offers Chancellor’s Certificates to provide you with the technical knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience to increase your value to your organization and to enhance your professional development. You can earn credentials for proof of a concentrated study, explore a career or career change, or update and strengthen your current computing knowledge and skills.

As an employee, earning one of our specialized certificates can show employers your desire to enhance job skills and productivity. You learn the specific computer skills you need and earn a Chancellor’s certificate to show your achievements. A specialized certificate can also be your reward for pursuing a challenging area of computer study.

As an employer, you need to depend on the quality of your staff’s computer training. We have established standards, including time limits and course requirements, to ensure the certificates your employees earn are current, meaningful, and valuable to your organization.


Custom & Group Training

If you have a group that needs training in a specific application or you are looking for a class that targets your needs, consider one of our special training options. Our client list for group and custom training includes small and large companies, educational institutions, and government agencies. More recently we have worked with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Graybar Electric, Covidien, City of Maplewood, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Harbour Group, Veterans Administration, Washington University, Illinois National Guard, Southern Illinois University, City of Manchester, and Express Scripts, Inc.

Group Training

If you have a team that needs training on a specific application group training may be your best option. Maybe you are upgrading to a new version of software or your staff needs training in the latest software. Let us help you get more for your training dollars by scheduling a class just for your group at a discounted rate.

Customized Classes

We can customize our classes to meet your organization’s requirements. Customization can range from minor adjustments to an existing class to a new course designed specifically for your organization. We will work with you to determine the topics and course sequence that meet the precise needs of your staff.

Pre-Purchase Discount

Invest your computer training dollars today and receive significant discounts with our prepayment plan.  In addition to providing you with more value for your investment, we will also make it easier for you to manage your registrations. Once your organization or department signs up for this option, employees can register for any course in our catalog.  We will track your use of the program and provide periodic updates on your remaining balance.

Contact Kate Moore at (314) 984-9000 or email kate@cetc.umsl.edu for more information.

For more information, including the current course schedule, visit our Web site at http://www.cetc.umsl.edu