Regular Faculty Members
James K. Bashkin Organic, Biochemistry, Inorganic
Office: B221
Phone: 314-516-7352
Eike Bauer
(Director of Graduate Studies)
Organic, Organometallic
Office: B316e
Phone: 314-516-5340
Alicia M. Beatty inorganic, supramolecular, Material science
Office: M207
Phone: 314-516-4383
Valerian T. D'Souza Organic, Bio-Organic, Supramolecular
Office: B322
Zoom Office
Phone: 314-516-5324
Cynthia M. Dupureur

Office: M307
Phone: 314-516-4392
Bruce C. Hamper Organic, General
Office: B316 ws235
Phone: 314-516-5313
Stephen M. Holmes
(Director of Graduate Recruiting and Admissions)
Inorganic, Material science
Office: M303
Phone: 314-516-4382
Rensheng Luo
(Manager, NMR Lab)
Office: B220
Phone: 314-516-5330
Lynda M. McDowell Analytical, Physical
Office: B321
Phone: 314-516-5098
Michael R. Nichols Biochemistry
Office: B319
Phone: 314-516-7345
James J. O'Brien
(Director of Undergraduate Studies)
Physical, Laser Spectroscopy
Office: B420
Phone: 314-516-5717

Christopher D. Spilling
(Vice Chancellor)
Research and Economic & Community Development

Organic, Phosphorus Chemistry
Office: B316d
Phone: 314-516-5899
Keith J. Stine
(Department Chair)
Physical, Biophysical, Nanoscience
Office: M204
Phone: 314-516-5346
Lukasz Szatkowski Physical and Computational Chemistry and Biophysics
Office: B419
Chung F. Wong Computational, Physical, Biochemistry
Office: M203
Phone: 314-516-5318
Jinjia Xu Organic, Polymers, Materials Science
Phone: 314-516-5326
Emeritus Active Faculty
Lawrence Barton Inorganic, Organometallic
Office: M302
Phone: 314-516-5334
Janet Braddock-Wilking Inorganic, Organometallic
Office: M306
Phone: 314-516-6436
James S. Chickos Organic, Analytical, Computational
Office: B222
Phone: 314-516-5377
Joyce Y. Corey Inorganic, Organometallic
Office: B318
Phone: 314-516-5360
Alexei V. Demchenko Organic
David L. Garin Organic
Office: B224
Phone: 314-516-5349
Thomas F. George Chemical Physics
George Gokel Organic, Biological Chemistry, Supramolecular
Office: B422
Phone: 314-516-5321
Harold H. Harris Physical, Chemical Education
Office: B320
Phone: 314-516-5344
Wesley R. Harris Inorganic, biochemistry
Office: N/A
Phone: 314-516-5331
Nigam P. Rath
(Manager, X-ray Lab)
X-ray Crystallography
Office: M304
Phone: 314-516-5333
Rudolph E. K. Winter Organic, Natural Products
Office: B324
Phone: 314-516-5337
Adjunct Faculty
Anthony Mannino Organic
Office: B313 ws236
Phone: 314-516-5313

A. Greg Wall General
Office: B316 ws238
Phone: 314-516-5313