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Analytical and Physical Chemistry Faculty

Analytical and Physical Chemistry Faculty
Lynda M. Mcdowell Analytical, Physical mcdowelllm@umsl.edu
Office: B321
Phone: (314) 516-5098
James J. O'Brien
(Director of Undergraduate Studies)
Physical, Laser Spectroscopy obrien@jinx.umsl.edu
Office: B420
Phone: (314) 516-5717
Keith J. Stine
(Department Chair)
Physical, Surface Chemistry, Nanoscience kstine@umsl.edu
Office: M204
Phone: (314) 516-5346
Lukasz Szatkowski Physical and Computational Chemistry and Biophysics lszatkowski@umsl.edu
Office: B419
Phone: (314)-516-7995
Emeritus Professor
Harold H. Harris  Physical, Chemical Education  hharris@umsl.edu
Office: B320
Phone: (314) 516-5344
Thomas F. George Chemical Physics tfgeorge@umsl.edu