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Rudolph Ernest K. Winter

Rudolph Ernest K. Winter

Professor Winter received his A.B. degree from Columbia University and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from The Johns Hopkins University. He held postdoctoral positions at Karlsruhe Technische Hochschule and Harvard University and was a member of the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn faculty before joining UMSL in 1969. He has been a Visiting Research Professor at Cornell University, Visiting Scholar at the ETH Zrich and was also a Visiting Associate Professor (Biology) at Washington University (St. Louis).

Office: B 324
Phone:(314) 516-5337
Fax: (314) 516-5342

Research Interests

Dr. Winter's research interests are in the Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry of naturally occurring substances. Emphasis is on the isolation, structure determination and chemical interconversion of natural products of biological interest. He also has major interests in the application of mass spectrometry for characterization and structure determination and collaborates with faculty colleagues on those problems related to their research which are amenable to mass spectral measurements.

Selected Publications

″Isonitrile ligand effects on small molecule sequestering in bimetalladodecaborane clusters,″ J. Bould, M. G. S. Londesborough, J. D. Kennedy, R. Macias, R. E. K. Winter, I. Cisarova, P Kubat and K. Lang, J. Organomet Chem. 2013, 747, 76.

"Rare excitatory amino acid from flowers of zonal geranium responsible for paralyzing the Japanese beetle", C. M. Ranger, R. E. K. Winter, A. P. Singh, M. E. Reding, J. M. Frantz, J. C. Locke, and C. R. Krause, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 2011 108, 1217.

"Alkali metal and ammonium cation-arene interactions with tetraphenylborate anion", R. Li, R. E. K. Winter, J. Kramer and G. W. Gokel, Supramolec. Chem. 2010, 221-2, 73.

"Dianilides of dipicolinic acid function as synthetic chloride channels", C. R. Yamnitz, S. Negin, I. A. Carasel, R. E. K. Winter and G. W. Gokel, Chem. Commun. 2010, 2838.

"Unique properties of a perfluoroalkyl-modified 2,2'-bipyridyl ruthenium complex in a Nafion membrane: attenuated leaching of a potential biofuel cell redox mediator" P. A. Jelliss, S. D. Minteer, M. Patel, A. Siemiarczuk,M. Watt, Michelle and R. E. K. Winter, J. Mat. Chem. 2008, 18, 2104.

"Carboxylate anion diminishes chloride transport through a synthetic, self-assembled transmembrane pore" L. You, R. Ferdani, R. Li, J. P. Kramer, R. E. K. Winter and G. W. Gokel, Chem.--A Eur. Journal 2008, 14, 382.