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David L. Garin

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Dr. Garin received his B.S. degree from the City College of New York and his Ph.D. from Iowa State University. He was an N.I.H. postdoctoral fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) and Indiana University before joining the faculty in 1966. Dr. Garin was the Director of the Center for Science and Technology at UMSL from 1987-1998. During 1980-81, Dr. Garin was a Congressional Science Fellow in Washington, D. C. He retired and assumed Emeritus Professor status in 1999.

Office: B 224
Phone: (314) 516-5349
Fax: (314) 516-5342

Research Interests

Recent projects involve both chemical and electrochemical reduction of heterocyclic aromatic ethers to their corresponding enol ethers and the synthesis of beta-triones. The enol ethers can be oxidized to highly functional medium ring systems which resemble physiologically interesting macrolides. Spirocyclization of a beta-dione resulted in the formation of an all beta-spirotrione.

Dr. Garin continues to be active in science policy and chemical education. As a recent adherent to workshop chemistry, Dr. Gariin pioneered its use at UMSL in both introductory chemistry and organic chemistry.

Selected Publications:

"Experimenting with Team Learning Workshops Using Both Undergraduate and Graduate Students as Workshop Leaders", David Garin, Abstracts, 16th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Ann Arbor, MI, July 2000, #537.

"Reduction of Xanthene and the Oxidative Rearrangement of 1,4,5,8-Tetrahydroxanthene to a Spirodiketolactone", H. J. Kaiser, B. J. Rowe, and D. L. Garin, Synthetic Communications, 1999, 29 (21), 3749-3755.

"Epoxidation of alpha-Methylstyrene and Its Lewis Acid Rearrangement to 2-Phenylpropanal", D. L. Garin, B. J. Rowe, and M. Gamber Journal of Chemical Education, 1996, 73, 555.

"Reduction of Xanthene as a Route to the Synthesis of Macrolides", 34th National Organic Symposium, Williamsburg, VA, June 1995, #245.

"Absorbed into the Revolution of 1980", D. L. Garin, in From the Lab to the Hill, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, A. Fainberg, ed., Washington D.C., 1994, pp. 55-58.

"Working with Congress: A Practical Guide for Scientists and Engineers", D.L. Garin, Chemical and Engineering News, March 29, 1993, pp 37-8.