Registration Add/Drop/Withdraw


Currently Enrolled Students - Students who are enrolled for the current semester will receive an enrollment date via email indicating when they can begin to add classes for the future semester.  This date is also viewable in their MyView Student Center.  Enrollment dates are assigned based on academic career, projected academic level for the term enrolling, and cumulative units completed.  Pre-Regisration begins on the first Monday in April for Fall and the first Monday in November for Spring.  

New Students - Students who are new to UMSL can register during the open registration period.  Open registration begins on the third Monday in April for Fall and the third Monday in November for Spring.   All new degree-seeking students must see an advisor before registering for classes.  Your advisor will give you a copy of your degree audit (DARS) report. 

All students are encouraged to enroll at the first date of eligibility as classes fill up fast.

Adding Courses

Students may add courses without administrative approval through the "official last day to enroll" via MyView, or in person. To view the official last day to enroll, visit the semester calendar page.

For help adding courses, view the following instructions - Adding a Course

After the "official last day to enroll" students will be required to obtain the necessary signatures.  Please reference the signature sheets for the appropriate session found on the Semester Calender Page

Use Schedule Planner to find your ideal schedule. For a tutorial click below.



Cross Campus Enrollment

Cross campus enrollment allows students to take a class(s) at another UM Campus.  It's a simple process to enroll.  To participate you must be a degree-seeking student at UMSL with no holds impacting registration.

If you are an UMSL student wanting to take classes at another UM campus, simply log into MyView and navigate to your Student Center.  Under the Academics area you will see a link to Enroll: MU, S&T, & UMKC.  Use the links provided to search the other campus Schedule of Classes to determine what courses are available.  You will want to check for online instruction mode unless you are willing to travel to the campus.  To participate, select the campus you would like to visit, the term you intend to take the class in,  read and check the acknowldegement, and submit.  You will receive an email from the campus you are visiting with instructions related to your next steps.   

If you are a student at another UM school, please visit Joe's, MyZou, or Pathway and follow the instructions above.

FAQ's for UMSL students interested in attending another UM campus

FAQ's for UM students interested in attending UMSL

Dropping Courses

No student may cease attendance without formally withdrawing or dropping courses after classes begin. 

Students may drop courses in MyView or in person without receiving a grade through the fourth week of classes of a sixteen-week semester, the second week of classes of an eight-week session and the first week of classes of a four-week session. Students with specific academic holds may be required to obtain approval from their advisor to change their schedule.  

From the 5th week to the end of the 8th week of a sixteen-week semester, and the 3rd week to the end of the 4th week of an eight-week session, students may continue to drop courses in MyView without instructor approval. A grade of “EX” (excused) will be issued on the transcript. Refer to the semester calendar for summer or winter session withdrawal deadlines. 

From the 9th week to the end of the 12th week of the sixteen-week session and the 5th week to the end of the 6th week of an eight-week session, dropping courses will require instructor approval. Students may request approval to drop classes using the online form in MyGateway.  This will initiate the request to drop  and submit it to the instructor and any other offices where approval is needed. See the semester calendar for the official last day to drop.

Students dropping a class can check the Fee Reassessment Chart to determine any change in tuition.

For help dropping classes in MyView, view the following instructions - Dropping a Course (PDF 682KB)

Section Changes

After the "official last day to enroll" signatures of both the instructor of the section being added, and the instructor of the section being dropped are required. Please note: If changing sections or swapping classes after the 100% fee reassessment date, students will be assessed fees for the class they are exiting. To view the Fee Reassessment Chart or visit the UMSL Cashiers website.

Withdrawal from the University

After enrolling in classes, students who choose to withdraw for the semester are required to complete the necessary procedures to officially withdraw from the University.  This includes but is not limited to the withdrawal request.  An email notification will be sent to the student when the request has been completed.

Students should drop all but one of their courses in MyView>Self-Service through the eighth week of the semester.  From the fifth through the eighth week a grade of EX will automatically be assigned, Students will then be directed to complete a withdraw request.  Once the request is verified by the Registrar’s Office, the student will be dropped from their last course using the date the request was submitted.   

From the ninth through the twelfth week of the semester, students are required to submit their request to drop via the  online form in MyGateway which will route their request(s) to the instructor(s) for approval.  A grade of F or EX is issued based on whether the student is passing or failing at that time.  Students are required to submit their request to drop in addition to the withdrawal requst.

After this period, instructor and dean approval is required and will be routed accordingly via the online form.  Additional documentation may be required of the student if they request to withdrawal afte rthe eighth week.

For 8 Week Session courses, visit the 8 Week Semester Calendar on the Registrar’s Website for necessary approvals. 

For more information, please see the General Regulations in the Bulletin.