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Transcript Request

Transcript ordering and fulfillment is now in partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse.

  • All transcript request must be made via the online request system, which includes the student’s electronic signature.
  • Transcripts can be sent via U.S. Mail, E-delivery to a school or organization, E-delivery to an e-mail address, or held for pick-up in the Registrar's Office. If ordering a transcript as hold for pick-up, please take note of our office hours and be ready to show picture identification when picking up your transcript.    
  • Some organizations may not accept an electronic transcript. It is the students responsibility to confirm with the receiving party prior to ordering. Please choose the option to request a mailed transcript.
  • All financial holds must be cleared on the student account before the request can be processed.
  • UMSL Alumni applying to the University of Missouri-St. Louis Graduate School do not need to request an UMSL transcript. The Graduate School has access to your UMSL record.
  • If you are requesting your transcript with the degree conferral notation, please note degree conferral takes 6 weeks from the end of the semester in which you earned your degree. To be certain your degree is listed on your transcript, please select the "hold for degree" option. Your transcript will be released for processing 45 days after the close of the semester in which you earn your degree. 

How to Request a Transcript (select from one of the three options)

  1. Navigate to the Transcript Request page. Please make sure to read the instructions on the landing page. When ready, select the Order Transcript button to begin your request.
  2. Or sign into MyView, select Self-Service, then Request a Transcript. You will be redirected to the National Student Clearinghouse - UMSL transcript landing page.
For questions, contact our office at 314-516-5545, or by email ( onlinetranscript@umsl.edu) with any questions. Please do not send transcript request to this email address. 

Barnes School of Nursing Transcripts, prior to Fall 1994, are no longer available at UMSL. Please send your request to: Goldfarb School of Nursing, BJC / 4483 Duncan Ave. / St. Louis, MO 63110 or call 314-454-7055 with questions.

How to Check the Status of Your Transcript Request

Using the order number provided to you at the time of ordering, navigate to the NSC ordering site and enter the number.
In addition, at the time of ordering you can enter a mobile number for text alerts to track your order .

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What delivery options are available for official transcripts?
    • Official transcripts can be delivered by mail, electronically to an email address, e-delivery to a school or organization (if they are a participant), or picked up in person. Please note, if your transcript is delivered electronically and you have the latest version of Adobe (version XI) then you will also have to have the latest Adobe Flash installed . A transcript picked up in person, or sent to the student might be considered unofficial . Please check with the intended receiving party.  
  • Does UMSL offer an unoffical transcript?
    • UMSL does not offer an unofficial transcript
    • While UMSL does not offer an unofficial transcript, some recipients might considered your transcript unofficial if not received directly from the university, or if they do not accept a certain medium (electronic or mailed).  We suggest checking with the receiving party before placing your order.
    • If you do not need an official transcript, you can access each semester grades in MyView self-service, or on your degree audit report. 
  • What is the cost of a transcript?
    • Effective 5/1/2023, Paper transcripts (mailed, or picked up) are $10.00 per copy. Electronic copies are $5.00
    • Additional transcript fees apply to each delivery method
      • A $2.90 transcript processing fee will be applied to all orders.
      • For orders being mailed, an additional $2.15 SecurePrint fee will be applied in addition to the $2.90 processing fee.
  • What are the payment options for an official transcript?
    • Transcripts must be paid by credit or debit card.
  • How long will it take to receive my transcript? Assuming there are no holds on the account?
    • Transcript requests being delivered by mail are processed within 24 hours. Mailed transcripts are sent standard 1st class postage and delivery depends on the U.S. Postal Service.
    • Transcript requests being delivered by e-delivery or email are sent within 24 hours. Please allow next business day if ordering on Friday or during the weekend. The recipient is responsible to download. 
    • Requests received through our online ordering system to be picked up in our office will be available 24 hours after the request is submitted. Please note our office hours on our website.  Photo identification is required to pick up a transcript.
    • Transcripts held for current semester grades are mailed approximately five days after the end of the term, or as grades are posted.
    • Transcripts held for degree postings are mailed approximately 45 days after the semester is over to allow time for degree awarding and verification.
  • What happens if I have a hold on my account?
    • All holds must be cleared before your transcript can be released.
  • Do you provide express mail delivery?
    • Yes, for an additional charge. Please select this option when ordering your transcript via the National Student Clearinghouse.
  • Can I let someone else pick up my transcript?
    • Yes, if you order a transcript to be held for pickup. However, you must indicate the name of the person, and state that they have your permission to pick up your transcript on your behalf using the Third Party Transcript Release Form  (PDF 179KB). The recipient must show a photo ID to pick up the transcript.
  • Can I order a notarized transcript?
    • Yes, please use the request for notarization form. Upload the completed form as an attachment to your transcript request. Notarized transcript are only available for pickup. 

Electronic Transcript Questions

  • What are electronically delivered transcripts?
    • The University of Missouri-St. Louis, in partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse now provides transcripts that can be sent to an email address. These transcripts are digital, signed copies of the student’s record in a secure PDF file format.
  • Are electronically delivered transcripts considered official transcripts?
    • The university considers an electronic transcript an official copy. However, as with transcripts issued or sent to the student, electronic transcripts may be considered unofficial by a receiving party.
  • Is my information secure when sent electronically?
    • Electronic document security is provided by our partners at the National Student Clearinghouse. Their security statement says, "The Clearinghouse employs multiple technologies and operational safeguards, including information security best practices and industry standards such as 128-bit secure communication. All data in transit is secured via SSL connections to protect the student records and documents in our care. We also take active defensive measures that limit the risk of lost or stolen data."
  • Can my transcript be altered once it has been received?
    • No, the electronic transcript cannot be modified. The PDF transcript is locked to prevent tampering. Should a copy be made and the document altered the digital signature will be lost thus alerting the recipient that it may not be accurate.
  • How long will it take for my electronically delivered transcript to be received?
    • Requests received through our online ordering system that are delivered electronically to an email address are sent within 24 hours, if your request was received during normal business hours, which are Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm. If your order was received outside of normal business hours, it will be processed at the beginning of the next business day. Please note: It is the receivers responsibility to login and download the transcript. They will receive two separate emails. The first indicating a transcript is being delivered which provided a secure password. The second email contains the link for them to login and access the transcript. These links will expire in 15 days and the transcript will not be accessible. A new transcript will need to be ordered if the receiver doesn't not access in a timely fashion. 
  • How much does the electronically delivered transcript cost?
    • The cost for an electronic transcript is $5 per copy (plus fees).
  • Can I send an attached form with my electronic transcript?
    • In partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse, when ordering your transcript online, you may include up to three attachments. These attachments are reviewed and subject to the approval of the Registrar’s Office. 
  • How long will my electronic transcript be accessible once it has been received?
    • The recipient has 30 days to retrieve and download the transcript. Once downloaded to your computer the transcript does not expire and will always remain secure. Later the recipient may retrieve it, forward it, etc. just as one would do with any PDF document.