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Visiting and Non-Degree Students

Students working on a degree at another college

If you intend to transfer the UMSL courses to your home school, you should apply for financial aid at your home school.

Students working on a degree at UMSL who enroll at another campus

If you intend to apply those courses toward your degree at UMSL, you may be eligible for financial aid at UMSL. You should first get approval for the courses from your academic department.

UMSL degree students may take some courses at UMSL and some at another school with intent of transferring those courses to UMSL upon completion. Students wishing to receive financial aid at UMSL for coursework completed at both schools should review the terms of the Consortium Agreement to determine whether they are eligible for the additional aid.

Consortium agreement forms are made available at each academic unit. Please check with your academic advisor to initiate this process.


Non-Degree Seeking Students

If a student is admitted to The University of Missouri – St. Louis as a non-degree seeking student this classification makes the student ineligible for all UMSL scholarships as well as State and Federal financial aid. The only form of financial assistance would be an Alternative loan.

If a student wishes to change their admissions classification, please contact The Office of Admissions for more details.