The Soldiers & Sailors Civil Relief Act provides protections for Armed Forces Service members called to active duty during war time. The protections include a limit on finance charges that can be applied to any unpaid debt. This limit of finance charges specifically DOES NOT apply to Federal Student Loans.

In order to ensure compliance with this Act the UMSL Student Financial Services will suspend the monthly finance charge and late fee applied to any accounts receivable balance for any current or former student called to active duty; provided they did not incur the debt while already on active duty. Monthly invoices will continue to be sent to the address on file with the Cashiers Office, but the assessment of finance charges and late fees will stop during the duration of the active duty assignment.

Any current or former student with an outstanding balance who is called to active duty can request the stay on finance charges and late fees by completing a request form and submitting it to the UMSL SFS along with a copy of their active duty orders. The form and copy of active duty orders need to be provided to the UMSL SFS as soon as possible, but within 90 days of the active duty start date. The documents can be delivered in person to our office, emailed to, or mailed to our payment address.