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Undergraduate Students are eligible for:

Also be sure to check for any relevant scholarships. Freshman applying for scholarships should complete the UMSL scholarship application by January 1st and the FAFSA by February 1st. Students must be admitted to UMSL for scholarship consideration. 

Undergraduate students should apply for UMSL Competitive Scholarships using the General Scholarship Application Form. Through the general scholarship application, students can review a comprehensive list of scholarships available. Since scholarships are offered by various colleges, departments, and organizations to students who meet specific criteria, we encourage all students to apply regardless of their accomplishments, major, class level, or GPA. We also are able to list scholarship opportunities for UMSL students that are not offered by UMSL.

UMSL’s Office of Financial Aid can assist transferring students with any and all financial aid concerns including:

Information on Transfer Student-specific scholarships can also be found:

If you received loans at another school prior to transferring to UMSL, you are encouraged to notify your previous institution, and especially the financial aid office, of your transfer. If you took out loans other than Direct Stafford Loans, you are encouraged to contact the lender(s) of the loan(s) as well. If you need verification that you are enrolled at UMSL, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Graduate students who are admitted to a Doctoral, Master's, or eligible certificate program at UMSL can apply for the following forms of funding:

Students who have earned their first baccalaureate degree are no longer eligible for federal and state grant programs. However, graduate students are eligible for much higher annual loan limits.

In order to be considered for federal student aid you must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen who is enrolled as a degree-seeking student.

Generally, you are an eligible non-citizen if you are:

  1. A permanent resident of the U.S. and you have an Alien Registration Receipt Cart (I-151 or I-551)
  2. A conditional permanent resident (I-151C)
  3. Residing in the U.S. with an Arrival-Departure Record (I-94) from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service showing any of the following designations: Refugee, Asylum Granted,  Indefinite Parole, Humanitarian Parole or Cuban-Haitian Entrant.

If you are neither a citizen, nor an eligible non-citizen, you are not eligible for federal student aid.  You may, however, apply for an alternative student loan through a U.S. lender.  These loans are generally credit-based and require a co-signer or co-applicant who is a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States.  Please contact Student Financial Aid for more information.

For scholarship information, please contact UMSL Global.

In general International Students are not eligible for scholarships. There are a select few scholarships for which International Students may apply and they can do so by submitting the online scholarship application. Students should also contact the departments of their majors to learn about opportunities there.   

Students working on a degree at another college

If you intend to transfer the UMSL courses to your home school, you should apply for financial aid at your home school.

Students working on a degree at UMSL who enroll at another campus

If you intend to apply those courses toward your degree at UMSL, you may be eligible for financial aid at UMSL. You should first get approval for the courses from your academic department.

UMSL degree students may take some courses at UMSL and some at another school with intent of transferring those courses to UMSL upon completion. Students wishing to receive financial aid at UMSL for coursework completed at both schools should review the terms of the Consortium Agreement to determine whether they are eligible for the additional aid.

Consortium agreement forms are made available at each academic unit. Please check with your academic advisor to initiate this process.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

If a student is admitted to The University of Missouri–St. Louis as a non-degree seeking student this classification makes the student ineligible for all UMSL scholarships as well as State and Federal financial aid. The only form of financial assistance would be an Alternative loan.

If a student wishes to change their admissions classification, please contact the Office of Admissions for more details.

Federal and State Financial Aid Checklist

  1. 1

    Step One: File your FAFSA

    File your FAFSA by February 1 for incoming freshman, new transfer, and for all continuing and graduate students. Students filing after that date will be applying for remaining financial aid funds available (typically Pell grant and Stafford loans.) For Missouri Residents, the State has a deadline of February 1 for state funded scholarships and grants. Be accurate and complete when filing FAFSA.

    Students who have a FSA ID may use it as their signature. Students who do not have or don't know their FSA ID and contributors of dependent students can obtain a FSA ID at the StudentAid.gov website. Get started creating an FSA ID.

  1. 2

    Step Two: Your FAFSA is Processing

    Allow 3-5 business days for the Student Financial Services (SFS) to receive your electronic FAFSA. Once it has been received please allow 1-2 weeks minimum for application processing. The SFS will contact you if we need any additional information before we can process your application. Please check your to-do list in MyView for required items.

  1. 3

    Step Three: Review your Award, Accept or Decline

    Review your student aid report (SAR) carefully, follow any instructions provided. Accept or decline your awarded financial aid promptly on MyView to allow for quicker processing. There is always a possible delay in schools receiving FAFSA information. Therefore, it may take longer than usual to process and update your eligibility. If you are having issues with completing/submitting your FAFSA you should reach out to us or the Department of Education to report the issue to obtain your next steps. 

  1. 4

    Step Four: Set-up Direct Deposit

    Set-up direct deposit to have any excess federal Stafford loan funds automatically deposited to your checking or savings account. You can initiate direct deposit in MyView.

  1. 5

    Step Five: Keep us Updated

    Notify the SFS immediately of any scholarships, grants, stipends, fellowships, or other awards that you will be receiving if they are not listed on your award. Remember, we may be required to make adjustments to the financial aid offered to you. If you receive money from other sources at any time during the year, your awards may be reduced.

    Be sure to update your current mailing address on the MyView system under "Self Service" to ensure you will receive your mail in a timely manner.

    Students should also complete the UMSL Online Scholarship Application by April 1.

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