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Safety Information

Working closely with the administration of the University of Missouri - Saint Louis, the Police Department strives to make the campus a safe place to learn, live and work. Providing safety to the campus community is a continuous process of re-evaluating existing policies and practices so that they conform to the changing needs of the community. The Campus Safety Committee fosters a campus-wide approach to safety. 

To ensure campus safety, several initiatives are in place:

  • The department’s Crime Prevention and Community Involvement Officer is available to assist with seminars, surveys, and materials
  • Lighting is monitored continuously
  • Emergency telephones distinctively marked with blue lights exist throughout campus.
  • Select UMSL Police Officers are trained in CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)
  • Every UMSL Police Officer is CIT trained and certified within their year of employment. (Crisis Intervention Team-for those experiencing a crisis and mental health issues) 
  • 24-hour preventative patrol by using marked patrol cars, foot patrols, and bike patrols
  • Burglar alarms in several areas
  • Property identification program (Invisi-ID)
  • Police Safety Escorts
  • Vehicle jump-starts
  • Closed circuit cameras in selected parking and student housing areas
  • Card Access systems on residential doors and other select areas
  • Free active threat/shooter training for students, staff, and faculty
  • Free self-defense classes for students, staff, and faculty (Escape and Evade, PPCT) 

Please call 314-516-5155 for more information on programs, to obtain crime prevention materials, or for a safety escort.

The Campus provides an Emergency Notification System

The Campus also provides the Rave Guardian Mobile Phone Safety App