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Campus Facilities Access

Our Jurisdiction

Police officers of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, as well as the other UM System universities, have statewide jurisdiction granted by Missouri law. The University of Missouri-St. Louis is situated on 320 acres of land with over 60 buildings. Most residential housing is located on south campus. Police jurisdiction is shared between the Campus Police Department and the St. Louis County, Normandy, Bel-Nor, Bel-Ridge, and Berkeley Police Departments. Organizations affiliated with the University that maintain off-campus facilities come under the jurisdiction of their local police department. The departments that have jurisdiction over property at off-campus locations, such as Fraternity Houses, have been asked to record and report to the Campus Police all criminal activity at those facilities so timely warnings can be provided to the campus community.

Our Facility Access Policy

It is the policy of the University of Missouri-St. Louis that, except during normal working hours, all buildings shall be locked in order to maintain the security of both the buildings and their contents. Faculty/staff members and students may be issued keys to University buildings upon recommendation of the department chairman or administrative head in accordance with established procedures. Keys are issued for entry to University buildings for the purpose of conducting University business only.

An authorized individual entering or leaving a locked building shall be responsible for securing the door and may be held responsible for any loss or damage to University property resulting from failure to do so. The loss or theft of any key is to be reported immediately to the department chairman or administrative head. That person is responsible for notifying the Campus Police.

Exterior lighting is checked daily for bulb replacement or other illumination problems. A report listing the location and light pole number is forwarded to Facilties Services for maintenance the following day. A string of lights out in a particular area is immediately checked for timer adjustment or calibration.

If you do not feel comfortable walking to a parking lot, bus stop, metrolink stop, or anywhere else on campus, contact the police department at 314-516-5155 for an escort.