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Workplace Violence

Workplace violence may take the form of various types of personal assaults. These may include weapons such as knives or handguns. The only warning you may receive that a workplace violence incident is occurring may be the sound of gunfire, scuffling, or other employees yelling a warning.

UMSL Police Officers have adopted new training and response methods as part of a regional law enforcement plan to confront this type of incident.

Many students, faculty, staff and visitors have asked what to do if they found themselves in an active shooter scenario. As unlikely but frightening as it may be, the Campus Police Department encourages everyone to consider the options that are available to protect oneself.

Late in 2015 the Department of Homeland Security released a Planning and Response to an Active Shooter guide.

The Department of Homeland Security, in concert with the Houston Mayor's Office, produced an active shooter training video, entitled "Run, Hide, Fight!" This six minute video, endorsed by multiple Federal agencies, dramatizes an active shooter incident in the workplace, exemplifying the unpredictability and quick evolution of active shooter situations. Its purpose is to educate the public by demonstrating response actions during such an incident so that they can prepare for an active shooter situation. 

The University of Missouri-St. Louis Police Department is committed to the safety of our community and offers a wide variety of training opportunities free of charge, including Active Shooter Response Training. For more information and to request training please contact Lt. David Woods (314) 516-4189 or woodsc@umsl.edu.

See the Active Shooter Response poster which has been placed around campus.