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Integrated Emergency Planning

The UMSL Emergency Operations Plan is a modular plan, adaptable and expandable based on the severity and specific needs for any emergency. Department level plans and the Building Emergency and Safety Teams (BEST) plans are either components of, or a complement to the Emergency Operations Plan. The entire plan is available in PDF format.

UMSL Emergency Operations Plan (PDF 1.1MB)

The Campus Committee on Safety and Violence Prevention was created to consider issues and propose recommendations related to the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus. To provide function and efficiency, the committee introduced the Building Emergency & Safety Teams (BEST) plan. The BEST Team structure is centered on a familiar role traditionally held by Building Coordinators. To view the BEST Teams Building Coordinator's Handbook click on this link: BEST Building Coordinator's Handbook (PDF 1.7MB)

UMSL students, faculty and staff can obtain more information about the BEST plan through the BEST site.

To view the "What To Do In An Emergency" wall poster which is displayed at various locations across the campus, use the link below.

"What To Do In An Emergency" wall poster (PDF 809KB)