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Statistical Summary of Complaints


The Campus Police Department exists to ensure that UMSL is a safe place where all people can live, work and pursue their educational endeavors without fear of harm, harassment or unequal treatment. Guided by our commitment to law enforcement accreditation, we pledge to improve the quality of life of those we serve by fostering partnerships with the campus community - so that together we can effectively address issues and concerns.

To ensure the integrity of the University of Missouri-St. Louis Police Department and maintain the confidence of the public, all complaints against the Department or it's employees will be thoroughly investigated. 

Most allegations against UMSL Police Officers are not made by the public. Most allegations are for policy infractions and subsequently originate within the Police Department itself.

A statistical summary of allegations contains the charge for which each allegation was made and the date it was received. It identifies whether the source of the allegation was a citizen or from within the police department. It provides the disposition of the investigation and who conducted the investigation.

This report is provided by the Commanding Officer Bureau of Special Operations/ Office of Professional Standards annually for the Chief of Police. Please click this link to view the latest annual summary.  Statistical Summary of Allegations