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Bomb Threats

Bombs or other threats of violence may be received by telephone, email, or letter.

If you receive any threats, remain calm.  The Police Department will need information such as:

  • Date & Time of Call
  • Exact Wording of Threat
  • Description of Caller's Voice
  • If voice was familiar, who did it sound like?
  • Any background sounds? Describe them
  • Questions to ask the caller:
    • What kind of device/bomb is it?
    • What will it do (explode? bio-terror?)
    • Where is it?
    • What does it look like?
    • Did YOU place it?  Why?
    • Where are you calling from?
    • What is your address?
    • What is your name?

If the threat is made in writing, do not handle the letter or note any more than absolutely necessary.

Do not touch or move any unfamiliar objects that you observe.

If you experience any of these, call Campus Police at 314-516-5155.

Provide all information you have received; specifically the location and time that the bomb is supposed to explode.

Do not cause alarm by spreading unconfirmed threats or information.

The University of Missouri policy addresses emergency campus closures. The Chancellor has the authority to temporarily suspend campus operations through a partial or full campus closure under unusual and emergency circumstances. These circumstances include natural, mechanical or man-made incidents.  The Chancellor will determine if employees are to continue working or to leave the building[1].

Await instructions from the Campus Police before evacuating.


[1] UM System HR-217