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CALEA Accreditation

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) is the preeminent accrediting body for today’s law enforcement agency.  Since 1979, CALEA has been internationally recognized as the Gold Standard in Public Safety.  CALEA now offers 4 separate accreditation programs.  During 2015 across the United States 635 police agencies have received and maintained CALEA’s Law Enforcement Accreditation and 167 agencies are in the process of self-assessment leading to accreditation. 

The University of Missouri-St. Louis Police Department is the 18th university in the country and the 5th Land Grant Institution Police Department to achieve CALEA’s first credentialing program: the Law Enforcement Accreditation Program. 

As of our November 2019 re-accreditation, we join with 9 other CALEA accredited universities in the eight States bordering Missouri.   Within our neighboring States, we are proud to be the 2nd university to receive accreditation (only the University of Arkansas precedes us) in our long-standing commitment to accreditation and professional standards for the delivery of law enforcement service to our campus. 

The bordering agencies joining us in adherence to the CALEA Gold Standard of Public Safety are:

  • Arkansas State University Police Department
  • Middle Tennessee State University Police Department
  • University of Chicago Police Department
  • University of Arkansas Police Department
  • University of Kansas Medical Center Police Department
  • University of Missouri Police Department
  • University of Tennessee Police Department
  • Vanderbilt University Police Department
  • Washington University in St. Louis Police Department

 To date less than 80 campus police departments have committed to maintaining compliance with applicable professional standards, keeping its proofs of compliance up-to-date, and living by the letter and spirit of those standards.  

For a full listing of all CALEA member police departments including colleges and Universities, please visit their website.