The College of Nursing is committed to fostering a culture of academic opportunity and an environment in which all qualified students are successful in the classroom and the healthcare workplace.

Under the direction of the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, the Student Services Office offers robust wrap-around student support services to all nursing students. Our student-centered approach and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion drives our retention initiatives, recruitment strategies, and enrollment management efforts.

Our Academic Advisors enroll students in their program of study, track progress toward degree completion and board licensure, coach and council students on academic and career plans. The Student Success and Retention Coordinator manages the UMSL early alert process, monitors and creates Academic Success Plans for students at-risk for academic remediation, and develops and implements academic coaching strategies using student affairs best practices to improve student success. The Recruitment and Enrollment Manager coordinates recruitment efforts and new student onboarding to the traditional, accelerated, RN to BSN, and graduate nursing programs.