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Extern Housing

Summer extern housing will be offered in Oak Hall at a monthly rate between $572. Partial months will be pro-rated. Oak Hall is located on the South Campus of UMSL (building E-13 on the campus map).

  • Room set-up: 4 private sleeping rooms per suite with a shared bathroom located in the suite. Each sleeping room is furnished with Wi-Fi internet access (no telephones, computers, or TVs are provided), micro-fridge unit (combination microwave, freezer, and refrigerator), bed, dresser, desk, and armoire.
  • Shared, full-use kitchen and laundry facilities are located on the first floor.
  • Pool and outdoor grill located on the premises.
  • Oak Hall is approximately a 5–7 minute walk from the South Campus Metro Link Station.
  • Campus shuttle pick-up/drop-off station is at the Provincial House (building E-12 on the campus map).

Contact Jackie Warren, Director of UMSL Residential Life and Housing, at warrenja@umsl.edu for questions and coordination of extern housing. You may also contact UMSL Residential Life and Housing at umslreslife@umsl.edu.


Oak Hall