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Nursing Simulation Lab

Simulation has become a necessary and effective teaching and learning technology for nursing and healthcare provider education. Coupled with in-person clinical experiences in hospitals, clinics and community settings, simulation has revolutionized our educational possibilities. It allows students to practice their learning, and to think carefully about how they make decisions and deliver care, so that they can become confident practitioners. Simulation offers us the gold standard in education that we want for our nurses and healthcare providers.

Our excellent faculty members are so grateful we have had such support from our community to build this state-of-the-art facility where they can teach and foster the learning of our next generation of providers.

nursing student with adult simulation patient


"Simulation helps me prepare for clinical. You can ask any questions that you don't understand. The scenarios are very helpful for us to learn in real life situations."

- Vung Dim, 2nd Year BSN Student


"Sim gives us the chance to run through high stress, high acuity, scenarios without the risk of actually harming patients. It's a really good opportunity to learn and ask questions, and apply what we have learned on paper in real life."

- Madisen Mitts, 2nd Year BSN Students


"Simulations help me gain confidence and knowledge in medical practices that I have had exposure to. The skills I've gained from simulations have already helped me significantly in my studies and clinicals."

- Marisa Walchshauser, 1st Year BSN Student


"Being able to visualize the tasks we will be doing in the hospitals has been extremely helpful. I am a very hands-on learner and actually doing this practice is best for me."

- Jacob Holley, 1st Year BSN Student
nursing student with baby simulation patient
nursing students with child simulation patient


"Simulation is a chance to apply all our knowledge and skills that we've learned over the past few years to a real-life situation without being afraid to mess up or make mistakes. This is a chance to learn from our mistakes now, without hurting a real patient."

- Alexandra Slaid, 2nd Year BSN Student


"Simulation for me means being able to be in a stressful, real-world experience with having real life consequences."

- Gabrielle Pries, 2nd Year BSN Student