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This externship has taught me a lot about myself and that was something I never expected out of this experience. I anticipated learning clinical skills and prioritization, but I never thought I would come out with very high expectations of peers and how nursing teams should work together. It makes me want to seek nursing floors that will have a similar team work aspect to it as my floor did, and or inspire floors that lack to adopt this higher expectation I have been introduced to. Great experience! I feel so much more prepared to take on real nursing post-graduation thanks to this experience.

Nurse Extern, Summer 2018

I feel much more confident as a student nurse going into my senior year of nursing school. This externship provided me with newfound knowledge and skills that I hadn't received in clinical.

Nurse Extern, Summer 2018

Overall, this was an AMAZING experience and I am so grateful to have spent my last summer with UMSL/BJC. After this, I actually feel like a nurse. I’ve realized my daily plans and feel like I know what to do in an emergency situation. One thing that I’m really happy about is my improvement in communication. My preceptor pushed me to do my best. Even though I felt out of my comfort zone, I am very thankful for him for pushing me to my full potential. I have seen so much improvement in myself over the past 10 weeks, which is really inspiring to me.

Nurse Extern, Summer 2018

Best decision I could have ever made was to apply for this externship program. Changed my life!

Nurse Extern, Summer 2018

My experience at Barnes Jewish Hospital in the Emergency Department was one for the books. Choosing to apply to this program was one of the best decisions I could have made prior to my senior year. I had the opportunity to work about 360 total hours alongside a nurse preceptor and catch a glimpse of critical care early on. I think I saw and learned more in one 12 hour shift than in my two years of clinical experiences prior. One thing I love about this program is that you are able to do just about everything with a nurse alongside you and have the opportunity to see what a full 12 hour shift is like in a nurse's role. By the end of the 10 weeks, I felt confident in my IV skills and managing a patient workload. On top of that, you have some of the smartest minds around you all the time. The class component was also very beneficial because the instructors discussed a number of nursing skills that every nurse must know, no matter the specialty. I also looked forward to going to class because I got to see the friends I had made throughout the 10 weeks and hear about their experiences!!

Hannah Dimitry - 2017

Bradley University

The summer externship was everything I expected and more. The experience taught me more about nursing than all of my school clinicaI rotations combined. In addition to the priceless clinical knowledge I now possess, I also learned so much useful information in the weekly classes: information that will make me a better nurse! My preceptor became one of my best friends, and in addition I found lifelong friends who may become coworkers some day. I feel so fortunate to have found a place that makes me excited to go into work each day. This externship ignited my passion for neonatal nursing, and it also helped land me my first job! This externship is truly the experience of a lifetime!

Samantha Jakubeck - 2017

University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing

I can hardly put into words how grateful I am for this program. Moving to St. Louis by myself, not knowing anyone, was terrifying. At first, I told myself that I would survive because it was only 10 weeks, but I ended up loving every bit of my experience. I was at Barnes Jewish Hospital on 84 ICU. Being at one of the nation’s top hospitals in an acute care setting was such a privilege. I had an amazing preceptor that helped seek out every possible learning opportunity for me and would make sure we had great assignments. Everyone I encountered treated me with respect and I never felt inferior or incapable of performing tasks. When I was unsure of myself, I was always encouraged to try new skills because I was there to learn. The experiences I have had during previous clinical rotations were nothing compared to the opportunities I had during this externship. This summer, my love for nursing became real and as a bonus, I made incredible friends that made leaving so much harder than I imagined. Choosing to be a part of this program was the best decision I could have made.

Alexandria Torres- 2017

Baylor University, Louise Herrington School of Nursing