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RN to BSN General Education Course Requirements

The following general education courses are required for the RN to BSN Option. Courses may be completed concurrently with the RN to BSN curriculum (they do not necessarily have to be completed before enrolling in the program). However, some general education courses do serve as prerequisites to nursing courses in the RN to BSN Option. Delayed completion of such courses may prolong a student's progression in the program. Please contact an advisor with questions.

Communication Skills
ENGL 1100 (or equivalent)*
ENGL 3100 (or equivalent)*
Communication Elective
Mathematical Skills
MATH 1020 or MATH 1030 (or higher)* or
A satisfactory score on the University's Mathematics Proficiency Test (this test covers mathematics at the level of College Algebra)
Any college-level Statistics course (must transfer to UMSL)*
Three Humanities Electives (see the UMSL Bulletin for course offerings)
Social Sciences
American History or Government (Missouri State Requirement)
Three Social Science Electives (see the UMSL Bulletin for course offerings)
Natural Sciences
Nine hours of coursework from the Math/Natural Sciences Explore Area
*Indicates that a grade of C- or higher is required
RN to BSN students may transfer general education credit hours from community colleges and other accredited colleges and universities.  Students must be in residence for at least 24 of the last 30 hours of graded credit (exclusive of courses graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis), except under unusual circumstances, to be decided by the dean.  Advanced Placement and CLEP credit are accepted according to University policies in the Bulletin.