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A Guide on I-9s

What is the I-9?

The I-9 is the form used to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. Additionally, the University of Missouri – St Louis is required to participate in the federal E-Verify program. Newly-hired employees must complete their federal Form I-9 on or before the first day of employment, but not before the job offer has been accepted.

At the University of Missouri - St. Louis, our primary way of completing the I-9 is online.

If you have any questions about completing the I-9, you may email: muner@umsystem.edu

If you have questions about employment, you may email: employment@umsystem.edu  

If you have questions about benefits, retirement, compensation and wellness, you may email: hrservicecenter@umsystem.edu 

Before You Start

Please ensure before starting your Step 2 process of your I-9, that you have completed your Preboarding.

If you have not completed your preboarding, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Open the email you provided in your job application.
  2. Navigate to the search bar and type in "PeopleSoft".
  3. Once you find the email, open it and read through the email. Please be sure to check your spam inbox as well as the email could be there.
  4. After reading through, click on the provided myHR link in the email.
  5. Login to myHR.
  6. Once you are in, a tile should appear called Preboarding.
  7. Click on the Preboarding tile.
  8. The next window will provide a long white bar with your employee ID, name and an arrow on the right most side. Click on the arrow to continue.
  9. You will be brought to a new page that will require you to complete all the tabs on the left side. Some of these tabs will require personal information from you such as:
    • Your Direct Deposit
    • Your Step 1 of the I-9
    • Your Federal and State W-4
  10. As you fill out each tab and complete them, a green check mark will appear.
  11. Once all the tabs display a green check mark, you have completed your preboarding.

**Some things to note:

  • When asked for your SSO and Password, the form is asking for the unique 6 digit pin at the beginning of your umsystem email address and the password you use to sign in to your account.
  • The W-4 form can be tricky to complete depending on the device you are using. To ensure that you complete both the State and Federal W-4, scroll down the full page and click into both forms. They should grey out when you submit them for completion.

Complete Your I-9

Congrats! You've completed your Preboarding. Now you must complete your Step 2 of the I-9. To complete this process, please click through the step tabs.

  • First, reach out to NER (New Employee Registration). Below is an example email you are welcome to copy in your preferred email application:

Subject Title:

Online I-9

Body Text:


My name is [your name]. I am a new hire, and would like to complete the Step 2 of my I-9 online. Please let me know the next steps you would like me to take to complete this process. 

This is my Employee ID if you need it: [provide your employee ID number]

Thank you,

[your signature/name]

  • You should expect a response within 2 business days after sending this template. Once you get the response you will follow the next instructions provided to you in the NER email.
If you must complete your I-9 In-person, you must email NER to confirm that you would like to Opt-out of the online process. NER will send you an email response of steps to take to complete your I-9 In-person.

After receiving your instructions, scan your documents to be uploaded into the secure link. The link will arrive as an email from NER and may require a login before proceeding.

  • Additionally, when scanning your documents, be sure to scan them either with a printer or with a pdf scan app on your phone.
  • The image should be:
    • Colored
    • Not blurry
    • Taken on a clean, plain surface if you are using your phone.

After upload, if you haven't already determined a date for the virtual meeting, a meeting will be set between you and a NER employee.

On the day of your meeting, make sure you have the same documents prepared that you sent to NER. The employee conducting your virtual meeting will want to verify that the documents are yours.

After they have completed your I-9 and photo verification, you will have completed your I-9!

*If you continue to receive emails from the HR or recruiting team at UMSL about completing your I-9, please email the representatives back stating that you completed your I-9 online so they can take you off their email  list.

Congrats! You finished your I-9! So what happens next?

  • After 48 hours you can reaccess myHR again. This is the portal you will use to log your hours, view and edit your benefits and more.
  • On your second day of work, you can head over to the Millienum Student Center (MSC) and meet with the IT department to get your Staff or Faculty card made. If you are currently a student, you do not need a new card.
  • If you need a parking pass, please check out the Campus Police Department website for more information.