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The TritonCard is UMSL’s official identification card for Students, Faculty and Staff. 

The card functions include identification, access to your meal plan or declining balance account, access to certain buildings/events, and that is just to name a few of the features available to you with your TritonCard! 

The TritonCard is the property of UMSL and must be returned to school officials upon request.

Your TritonCard is unique to you. It is not transferable and only for your personal use. Allowing someone else to use your card or using someone else’s card is prohibited and may result in suspension of your TritonCard privileges and/or other disciplinary actions. Unauthorized use, tampering, or alteration may also result in disciplinary action and/or loss of privileges.

New Students

student card

New students at the University of Missouri-St. Louis receive their TritonCard as part of an orientation, or after they have registered for at least one class.  A Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, or other government-issued photo identification is required, as well as a current printed schedule, if the student wishes to receive their card the same day they register for class. 


Staff Card

Before a card can be made for faculty or staff, they should be in Peoplesoft.   Once in Peoplesoft, faculty or staff need only bring a Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, or other government-issued photo identification to have their TritonCard made. 

Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars must have a courtesy appointment made for them through their sponsoring department.  Once this is done, all they need to bring to the TritonCard office is Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, or other government-issued photo identification to have their TritonCard made. 


Before a Retiree card can be issued, their status should be listed as Retired in Peoplesoft. Once in Peoplesoft, faculty or staff need only bring a Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, or other government-issued photo identification to have their TritonCard made.


Vendor Card

University Vendors must have a courtesy appointment made for them through their sponsoring department.  Once this is done, all they need to bring to the TritonCard office is Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, or other government-issued photo identification to have their TritonCard made.

A new photo will be taken when a replacement card is issued unless the photo on record is less than a year old.


  • Card Doesn’t Work: Bring your card into the TritonCard office and we will find out what the problem is.  If the card needs to be replaced due to normal wear and tear, it will be replaced for free.
  • Broken or Faded Card: If your card is broken or faded due to normal wear and tear, bring the card or its remains into the TritonCard office and it will be replaced for free.
  • Lost Card: Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the TritonCard office in a timely fashion.  Report your Lost or Stolen Card by clicking HERE.  In the event that a valid and current card is found and turned in to the TritonCard office, TritonCard staff will attempt to contact the holder by official University email.  Replacement for a lost card is $15, and will be billed to your student account, and can be paid in the Cashier's Office.
  • Stolen Card: If your card has been stolen, and you can produce a police report to the TritonCard office, your card replacement is free.  Without a police report, you will be charged the lost card fee of $15 to your student account.

Faculty, Staff, Vendors, Visiting Scholars, Retirees:

Whether the card is broken, lost, or proven to be non-functioning, replacement is free.

  • University ID –  UMSL's official identification card for Students, Faculty, and Staff on campus, and with MetroPass to ride MetroBus and Metrolink; it must be carried at all times when on campus.

  • Library Access – use it for checking out books, reserving study rooms, and other library privileges.

  • Meal Plan Access – set up a Meal Plan or Dining Dollars for purchasing food and beverages at on-campus Sodexo dining locations.

  • Academic Advising Appointments

  • Fitness Access – us it to access the Mark Twain Athletic & Fitness Center for the fitness rooms and classes.

  • UMSL Triton Store Purchases – use it to purchase books and other items in the Triton Store with the option of charging it to your student account.

  • Health Services Access – access Health & Wellness services, as well as Optometry services.

  • Building and Room Access – depending on enrollment and housing status, the card can give students access to their residence hall, and room, as well as various secured rooms and buildings on campus.

  • News Access – pick up newspapers for free through the Collegiate Readership Program.

  • Student Events & Entertainment Access – us it to purchase event tickets through Office of Student Life and the Touhill Performing Arts Center at student rates.

  • Athletic Events Access – use it to acquire tickets for UMSL athletic events for free.

  • Do not lend your TritonCard to anyone.
  • Keep your TritonCard away from magnets.
  • Avoid storing your TritonCard next to other cards with magnetic strips in your wallet such as debit or credit cards.
  • Do not punch a hole in your TritonCard, we can assist.
  • Do not expose the TritonCard to extreme heat, such as a clothes dryer, or direct sunlight in a hot car.
  • Do not bend, twist, or crimp your TritonCard.
  • Do not use your TritonCard as an ice scraper, or as a tool to pry something open.
  • Do not put stickers on your TritonCard.
  • Do not expose your TritonCard to chemicals such as solvents, thinners, or alcohol (isopropyl, ethanol, or methyl).

Check your meal plan balance

Troubleshooting Account or Card

Call (314) 516-8680 or email tritoncard@umsl.edu

Meal Plan Options

Residential Housing plans - ResLife (314) 516-6877 or umslreslife@umsl.edu

UMSL Red & Gold plan - MSC Operations (314) 516-5022 or mscops@umsl.edu

Sodexo Dining Dollar plan - Robert Marx (314) 516-6619

What if my TritonCard is lost or stolen?

  • E-mail TritonCard@umsl.edu, ask them to freeze your card, and come in to have your card replaced. The charge will be $15, and charged to your student account. If your card has been stolen, and a police report is provided, the fee will be waived
What if my TritonCard is broken or worn out?
  • If your card is broken or faded due to normal wear and tear, it will be replaced for free.
What if my TritonCard doesn’t work?
  • Bring in your card to the TritonCard office for resolution.
Can I reactivate an old card?
  • Unfortunately, no. Once a new card is made, the previous card(s) are rendered unusable.
Can I have an extra card?
  • Unfortunately, no. Only one card can be active at any time.
How do I change my name on the card?
  • Take the proper paperwork and identification to the Registrar’s Office first to have your name changed. Once this is done, a new card may be acquired in the TritonCard office.
Can I have a new picture taken for my TritonCard?
  • If a user would like a different or updated picture taken to replace the current picture on their TritonCard, they will be subject to the replacement fee’s.
Can I get a copy of the photo on my card?
  • At this time, we are unable to provide a copy of your photo.
How long will my card be valid?
  • Your card is valid as long as you are a student taking classes at UMSL.
Do I need to renew my TritonCard?
  • Unless the photo is out of date, no.
Can I use my TritonCard as a debit card on campus?
  • At this time, no. Although a meal plan or dining dollars can be purchased for dining on campus.  The Triton Store also allows students to charge a certain limit each semester to their student account.
How do I get a meal plan? How do I get Dining Dollars?
  • Visit the TritonCard office and we can set up a Dining Dollars account on your card to deposit money onto.
How do I check the balance on my meal plan or dining dollars?
  • Balances can be checked at the registers, or by visiting this website
How can I or my parents add money to my Dining Dollars? Why isn’t my student number on my TritonCard?
  • For the security of students and their records, student numbers are not printed on their TritonCards.
I’m an employee, but I’m taking classes. Do I need two cards?
  • No, only a Faculty/Staff card is needed.
How do I obtain access to a particular facility such as a room or building?
  • Contact your supervisor or professor to make arrangements for access.
I had access to certain buildings, but my card stopped working, what do I do?
  • Contact your supervisor, your professor, or the TritonCard office.

Service Portals


Photo Upload

PIN Form

Lost or stolen TritonCard

Contact Us

TritonCard Office 

190 Millennium Student Center

Hours of Operation

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri

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If you or a group need special arrangements please contact helpdesk@umsl.edu


  1. Card Purpose.  Your TritonCard is your official UMSL multi-purpose photo identification card.  Your card may be used on campus for multiple purposes including:  photo identification; use of student meal plans  and stored value; access to Campus facilities; use of Campus resources such as the Library; and Campus printing.  Use of these facilities and resources may be denied without your TritonCard present.  The card must be carried at all times while on Campus and presented to University officials upon request. 

  2. Card Eligibility.  In order to be eligible to be issued a TritonCard, at the time the card is requested you must be either enrolled at UMSL for at least 1 course during the current academic term or in the HR system as a current employee or in a New Employee Request status.    University of Missouri employees attached to the Saint Louis campus may also be eligible to receive a TritonCard.

  3. Identity Verification.  Prior to having your first TritonCard issued, you must show a valid government-issued photo identification card.  Acceptable credentials include:  driver’s license or non-driving Department of Motor Vehicles photo ID; US passport or passport card; US military ID; US Employment Authorization Card (EAD).  The TritonCard will use your name on record.  For changes to this information, please contact the Registrar’s office or Human Resources.

  4. Card Validity.  Your TritonCard is valid as long as you are enrolled or active in the HR system.  Your TritonCard is void upon termination of enrollment or employment.  Only the cardholder’s most recently issued TritonCard will remain active and able to be used.  Once replaced, a TritonCard is permanently deactivated and may not be used, reactivated, or exchanged.  Upon employment termination by the University, the TritonCard must be surrendered to either the immediate supervisor or Human Resources.

  5. Card Use.  The TritonCard is the property of UMSL and may be used only by the cardholder it is assigned to.  Do not share your TritonCard with others or attempt to use a TritonCard belonging to someone else.  Do not attempt to use a TritonCard that is no longer valid.  Misuse of a TritonCard may subject the user to disciplinary action. 

  6. Lost or Stolen Cards.  Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the TritonCard office in a timely fashion.  In the event that a valid and current card is found and turned in to the TritonCard office, TritonCard staff will attempt to contact the holder by official University email.

  7. Replacement Fees.  Your first TritonCard will be issued free of charge.  There is a charge to students for a replacement card.  Effective January 1, 2015 the replacement fee will be $15.  There is no fee to replace a defective card, provided the card is turned in to the TritonCard office and was the most recently issued card. 

  8. Card Protection.  You must protect your TritonCard from harm or damage.

  9. Confidentiality.  Student card activity and photographs are protected information in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and will be subject to the UMSL Privacy Policy. 

  10. Use of Photographs.  Photographs captured for the purpose of the TritonCard will be used in accordance with the Personally Identifiable Photo Policy.

  11. Updated Policies.  Information Technology Services reserves the right to update and amend these policies in the future.  Up-to-date policies and other TritonCard information can be found online by visiting ITS.

Acceptance and/or use of the TritonCard constitutes acceptance of the above.

Last updated:  01/05/2015


Faculty, Staff and Students of the University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL)

Policy Statement Revised 02/24/2015

The University of Missouri – St. Louis believes in the protection of the privacy of its students, faculty and staff. Photos taken for identification purposes (hereafter, Identification Photos) are considered a form of personally identifiable (PI) information and must be protected as prescribed by FERPA, applicable UM Policies on handling classified PI information and generally accepted privacy standards.

Operational details:

1) Identification Photos defined. UMSL wishes to use the guidelines of a biometric data standard (ISO/IEC 19794-5:2011(en) for the interoperability of facial recognition systems) to distinguish Identification Photos from all other photography and imaging. Identification Photos in the sense of this policy will, therefore, consist of 2D head/shoulder digital frontal images of single individuals under controlled lighting, against a plain white background at a controlled resolution taken for the purpose of identification by the TritonCard office or its designees.

2) Privacy. Identification Photos are a part of the student’s academic record, are non-directory data under FERPA and may only be used as limited by FERPA and this policy. Identification Photos for faculty and staff are part of their HR record. Identification Photos and other personally identifiable information may be released at the direction of UM legal and/or a court of law or to other educational institutions for the purposes of enrollment. This policy and the current usage of Identification Photos will be made available on the UMSL website. At the time of acquisition, faculty, staff and students must be provided the following information:

a. A copy of this policy or a way to access it via a website.
b. A notice that posting policy changes on the website will constitute informing the community.
c. The specific purpose for this Identification Photo and the mandatory and optional applications in which it will be used.
d. A statement that the Identification Photo will not be used for purposes other than those stated on the website (including in this policy) without notification.
e. A statement that the Identification Photo data will be handled at the appropriate Data Classification Level (DCL).
f. A statement as to how the Identification Photos can be updated (some cost may be incurred).
g. A statement as to how to opt out of optional applications wishing to use Identification Photos will be available if use of the Identification Photo is optional.

3) The TritonCard.  To attend UMSL, students must have a TritonCard. To work for UMSL, faculty and staff must have a TritonCard. This requires students, faculty and staff to have Identification Photos taken at the TritonCard office or under its auspices. TritonCards are used to identify the holder of the card as a current member of the UMSL community for the purpose of

a. Accessing UMSL services, facilities or obtaining goods.
b. Upholding public safety by the Campus Police.

4) Mandatory Identification Photo usage:

a. are available on class rosters to assist faculty recognition of students.
b. are available to staff for academic and administrative procedures.

5) Other usage. In general, Identification Photos will be used solely for identification purposes and will not be transferred to internal or external third parties. However, Identification Photos may be used for any purposes on any UM campus, UM System or Cloud based system (even if created and/or operated by third parties) so long as:

a. individuals are informed of this fact directly or on the UMSL web site.
b. in the case of students, the Registrar has approved the use.
c. in the case of Faculty and Staff, HR has approved the use.
d. in all cases the CIO has approved the use.
e. individuals can opt out of optional/non-mandatory usage.
f. so long as the individuals can update their Identification Photos in third party systems .
g. so long as any systems involved have passed a security review and steward the Identification Photos at the same or higher DCL level.

6) Non-Identification Photos.  Photos or images of any nature not taken by the TritonCard Office expressly for identification purposes do not fall under this policy but may be subject to other policies and/or laws.

  • Photo must be from the top of shoulders to the top of head with some space above the head and sides

  • Looking straight ahead, no profile pictures, face must take up to 80% of picture

  • Eyes open and visible

  • Straight face or smile

  • Appropriate lighting and clarity, so that no shadows on face, no glare on glasses or red eye

  • Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background

  • In accordance with the U.S. Department of State Passport standards; you may only wear a hat or head covering if you wear it daily for religious purposes. Your full face must be visible and your head covering cannot obscure your hairline or cast shadows on your face.

  • No props