Justification Process

*Effective October 1, 2021, positions being replaced with no changes to the description or salary grade are not required to be reviewed by the Justification Committee. To be approved for posting, the position does require Division (CSD) Leader, Business Manager, and HR Consultant approvals. (Updated form coming soon!)

UMSL currently uses a Justification Process to review all hiring for new or vacant positions as well as position reclassifications, unit reorganizations, compensation increases, and comparable changes. The review process ensures the University remains focused on key priorities:

  • Ensuring our students receive a high-quality education
  • Supporting retention and recruitment of our students
  • Continuing research and scholarship, especially related to the public health crisis and precision health
  • Supporting the University’s response to the public health crisis and other engagement activities
  • Supporting activities that grow revenues for the University

The Justification committee (members listed below) considers requests during bi-monthly meetings. The deadline for submitting materials to be reviewed at the meeting is two full business days in advance of the meeting. See below for the process and forms.

We appreciate your continued support of the justification process to help us align our resources with our priorities. Please feel free to contact Human Resources (employment@umsl.edu) with any questions or concerns.

Justification Steps

Complete a Justification Form
  • After a vacancy/hiring need is determined, please partner with your Business Manager and Human Resource Consultant to complete the appropriate justification form.
  • Please ensure all fields on the form are completed.
  • The request should be supported by the designated CSD leader, Business Manager, and HR Consultant.
Submit Request
  • The completed justification form must be signed by the respective Chancellor/Vice Chancellor for your unit.
  • The completed and signed form should be submitted to employment@umsl.edu.
    • Justification form and materials must be submitted two full business days before the next meeting.
    • Requests received after that timeframe will be scheduled for the following meeting.
    • The justification meetings are scheduled bi-monthly.

      Fall 2021 schedule:
      • August 10, 24
      • Sept 15, 29
      • Oct 12, 28
      • Nov 9, 23
      • Dec 14

    • 2022 schedule:
      • January 18
      • February 2, 23
      • March 9, 23
      • April 6, 19
      • May 4, 18
      • June 1, 13, 29
      • July 13, 27
      • August 10, 24
      • September 7, 21
      • October 5, 18
      • November 2, 15
      • December 5, 19

 Receive a Response

  • Once review is complete, you will receive an email from your respective Vice Chancellor or equivalent letting you know that your request has been approved or denied within 1-3 business days following the meeting.

Justification Committee Members

  • Kristin Sobolik, Chancellor
  • Steven Berberich, Interim Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Tanika Busch, Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer
  • Christopher Spilling, Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic and Community Development
  • Tanisha Stevens, Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Jill Wood, Interim Executive Director, Human Resources