The Retirees Association Holiday Luncheon  A General Membership Meeting was held at the organization's Holiday Luncheon, Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at Glen Echo Country Club. Over 70 retirees and guests attended. Members reviewed previous General Meeting Minutes and the RA Treasurer’s Report and a Luncheon goal was targeted in highlighting and encouraging Committees.  Committee Chairs gave brief reports on their work. Chairs and co-chairs briefly described their activities for the 2019-2020 academic year. Dave Ganz, Dave Garin, and Helene Sherman reported on respective RA Committee activity. Tom Schnell highlighted tentative plans for the upcoming visit to the Gateway Arch Museum on March 31, 2020, and RA  Steve Spaner provided a written report of Association finances along with membership highlights.

After the luncheon, UMSL Provost and Interim Chancellor Kristin Sobolik described current University achievements and challenges. Details of her comments may be found here.

RA President Mike Murray thanked all of the current Board Members for their service, including immediate Past President Debbie Kettler, for organizing the Holiday Luncheon and Brenda Shannon-Simms for assisting our administrative assistant, Ericka Webb, in registering and assisting the luncheon attendees. President Murray also thanked Human Resources Executive Director, Jim Hertel, for the continued support of his department. President-Elect, Clark Hickman, described the Retirement Association’s staff / faculty awards program, suggesting members nominate retirees for this honor. He also noted the organization’s Facebook page managed by Clark Hickman and the Website managed by Lol Barton and the importance of consulting them for information about RA activities. He also acknowledged the Communications Committee (Dave Garin, Melissa Hattman and Lol Barton) for producng the Fall 2019 RA Newsletter. General Meeting Minutes were reviewed and approved. Financial Reports for 2019 were accepted.

On Thursday, November 7 2019, at 12:00 noon in103 Anheuser Busch Hall on the UMSL North Campus, Dr. Charles Schmitz, retired Dean of the College of Education presented a photo-enriched talk about his recent trip to Antarctica with National Geographic. Schmitz, and his wife Liz, spent over two weeks traveling by ship to the Antarctic continent while documenting the trip with photographs and interviews.  Twelve members of the Association enjoyed an excellent presentation.  Here is a photo of Charlie during the talk and here is a picture of the whole group.

The RA Activities Committee is also recommending the date of Tuesday, March 31, 2020 for a Spring Gateway Arch National Park Museum Tour.  Details will follow


Clark Hickman Chair of the Selection Committee announced that the Faculty Awardee is David L. Garin and the Staff Awardee is Nan Kammann-Judd.  The awards were presented at the Chancellor's State of the University Address on Sept. 19 and the two were honored at the Annual Founders' Dinner on Oct. 10.  For photographs and short bios, click here.

Retiree Association Board Meeting

New President Mike Murray called the first meeting of the new Board on Wednesday August 14.  Here is a picture of the attendees that was taken at the meeting.

Board 8 2019
From left to right, sitting, Zuleyma Tang-Martinez, Mike Murray, Helene Sherman and Clark Hickman; standing, Lol Barton, Steve Spaner, Debbie Kettler, Dave Garin, Brenda Shannon-Simms, Dave Ganz and Kathie Haywood

  We have another new Staff Liaison, the replacement for Kathy Falcon is Ericka Webb, her replacement in Human Resources.  Please welcome her.  Her contact info is given at the end of the web page.

The Spring Luncheon and Annual Meeting of the Association was held on Wednesday June 12 2019 in the Summit Lounge of the J C Penney Center and were 67 in attendance. The meeting began by President Debbie Kettler introducing Chancellor Tom George and thanking him and Curators' Professor Harbach for their hospitality in funding the lunch, something they had done for many years.  Then Dr. George made some remarks reviewing the accomplishments which occurred under his watch.  This was followed by a brief tribute to the Chancellor made by Lol Barton. A picture of the two of them is available here. Following an excellent lunch the minutes of the Holiday Luncheon, written by Kathie Haywood were approved as was the Treasurer's report, written by Steve Spaner.

Joe Martinich then was introduced and he made some remarks about the retirement program that he had learned at the meeting of the four Retiree Associations' leadership groups and the President in Columbia in May.  He had asked when we would receive a COLA (Cost of living adjustment).  The last one was about 7 years ago but the response received was that any such adjustment was not planned for the near future.

Mark Burkholderr then presented the following amendment to the constitution, which was approved unanimously.
Under "Article V: Officers" 
There will be five officers of the Association as described below. Each officer must be a regular member of the Association. Each officer serves a one-year term and may be reelected at the pleasure of the membership to a total of six years. Three officers are elected each year: president-elect, secretary, and treasurer.  
There will be five officers of the Association as described below. Each officer must be a regular member of the Association. Each officer serves a one-year term and may be reelected at the pleasure of the membership. Three officers are elected each year: president-elect, secretary, and treasurer. 

This was followed by the election of Officers and Board Members. Past President Chuck Korr. Chair of the Nominating Committee presented the following slate which was approved by acclamation.

President - elect Clark Hickman
Secretary - Kathleen Haywood
Treasurer - Steve Spaner
Board Members

Melissa Hattman 
Brenda Shannon-Simms
Helene Sherman 
David (Dave) Ganz 

Outgoing President Debbie Kettler then introduced the new President, Michael D. Murray who described some of the upcoming events and activities and encouraged members to suggest activities and to lead the organization of them.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 pm.  A photograph of some of the retiring and new Board Members is given here.

The HOLIDAY LUNCHEON was held on Wednesday December 5, at 11:30 am at the Glen Echo Country Club.  There were 70 in attendance and a good time was had by all.  Some wore Santa hats as seen in the following pictures which may be accessed by clicking on the highlighted areas.

At the luncheon among the comments by Chancellor Tom George was the announcement of a new award, the RETIREE OF THE YEAR AWARD.  The purpose of the award may be seen and the nomination form is available.  Note the deadline has been changed to June 21, 2019 and nominees must have retired from the University before January 1, 2014.


Tour of the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

Eighteen RA members and guests were on-hand as the UMSL Retirees Association hosted a luncheon and tour of Cahokia Mounds in Illinois on Saturday, October 19, 2019. Activity Committee Co-chairs, Zuleyma Tang-Martinez and Helene Sherman led the group for a Mexican luncheon at Ramon's El Dorado at noon in neighboring Collinsville, Illinois followed by a historical film and guided tour of Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site at 2 pm. The weather was great and the group learned that in about 1100 A.D. an indigenous tribe built a extensive city on the site, eventually numbering as many as 40,000 citizens. The land was fertile and they built 120 mounds and prospered for nearly 300 years. The mounds were used for burials, habitation and also as a means of providing defense. The RA tour group viewed displays of archeological discoveries and a number of exhibits, described by a tour guide, providing historical context. Some ambitious RA members even made it to the top of the largest historic landmark, Monks' Mound, from which the Gateway Arch was viewed

Tour of the Soldier’s Memorial Military Museum

About 17 retirees took a tour of the renovated Soldier's Memorial in downtown St. Louis on Thursday, July 18 ,2019, followed by a lunch afternoon at The Docket restaurant across the street. Docent Lon Zimmerman provided an excellent tour of the buildings, the history of the Memorial and a deep-dive into the WW I galleries. Thanks to David Ganz for organizing this tour and keeping everyone on schedule.  Here are pictures of the group at the entrance, the group getting organized, looking at an exhibit and an exhibit describing the treatment of Germans during WWI. 

Alzheimer’s: Everything You NEED to Know, But Have Been Afraid to Ask  

This event, planned by  Zuleyma Tang-Martinez, held Friday, April 5, 2019.  1:30 to 3:30 PM; Room 001 Anheuser-Busch Hall, was essentially an updated repeat of the very successful one we held in Spring 2014.  This panel discussion featured 4 speakers who covered the most valuable information one needs to know and answered questions.  Speakers addressed:  1) Basic information about Alzheimer’s and other related dementias - what it is and how do you recognize it;  2) Caregiver stress and coping skills; 3) Support and resources offered by the Alzheimer’s Association;  4) An overview of research conducted by the Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) at Washington University, one of the world’s leading Alzheimer’s research programs. A picture of the speakers is given here.  From left to right: Ray Long, Volunteer Speaker; Dr. Zuleyma Tang-Martinez, (program organizer and contributor), Biology Department, UMSL; Dr. Ann Steffen (moderator and contributor), Psychology Department, UMSL; Theresia Metz, an educator/volunteer with the Alzheimer's Association - St. Louis; and Andrea Denny, Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Washington University School of Medicine.

Some of the new and outgoing 2018 Board Members are shown here.

 Please note the existence of the Retiree Retirees Association Facebook page.  Administrators include Clark Hickman, Steve Spaner and Lol Barton.

Attention Retirees:

Don't forget to join or rejoin the University of Missouri-St. Louis Retirees Association. The membership year is from June 1 to May 31.

Presentation of the UMSL-RA Membership Card grants the following:

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  • Access to events and programs of the UMSL Retiree Association
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  • Up to 25% discount on tickets to events at the Touhill Performing Arts Center,
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If you are a new or renewing member, simply fill out and print your membership application (PDF 274KB) and mail with your dues check payable to the UMSL Retirees Association.

In June 2015, at the UMSL-RA annual meeting the membership passed a motion to accord a dues-free first year for new retirees. If you have just retired, fill out and print your membership application, noting on the form “New Retiree”, and mail today!

And, volunteer to serve on a committee - There are three committee choices:

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  • Planning and Events

Contact President Mike Murray to volunteer.
Your help is needed to keep our organization going. 

2019-2020 Retirees Association Board

(Updated after the election at the June 12, 2019 Annual General Meeting)


Michael Murray, President

Clark Hickman, President-elect
College of Education

Secretary, Kathleen Haywood
College of Education

Steven Spaner, Treasurer
College of Education

Deborah Kettler, Past President
University Placement Services


David Ganz
College of Business Administration

Melissa Hattman
Community College Relations

Brenda Shannon-Simms
Continuing Education

Helene Sherman
College of Education

Thomas Schnell,
College of Education

Zuleyma Tang-Martinez
Lol Barton, Ex Officio
Chemistry and Biochemistry


Ericka Webb (ex-offiicio)
Human Resources, Executive Assistant