Performance Management

Performance Management is the foundation of performance excellence. The process includes setting clear and specific performance expectations for each employee and providing periodic informal and formal feedback about employee performance. Performance appraisals are used to support decisions related to training and career development, compensation, transfers, promotions and reductions-in-force or employment termination.

Management can prevent or remedy the majority of performance problems by ensuring that two-way conversations occur between managers and employees, resulting in a complete understanding of what is required, when it is required and how everyone’s contribution measures up. Everyone benefits:
  •  The employee knows exactly where he or she stands in relation to achieving goals or reaching performance milestones
  •  The manager gains insight into the motivations of their employees through the required conversations
  •  UMSL retains motivated employees who understand their role and the roles of others in contributing to the overall success of the university
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Reporting for Managers

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