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UMSL Staff Ombuds

If you have a work-related issue, concern, or conflict with a colleague or supervisor that you would like to discuss confidentially. The Ombuds is NOT affiliated with HR and will not share any of your information.


UM HR Service Center
Columbia, MO 65211
phone 573-882-2146

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Our Mission

The Department of Human Resources supports the University of Missouri-St. Louis’ commitment to research, teaching and service in order to meet the educational, professional, economic, and community needs of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area through a variety of strategic, operational, and consultative activities designed to recruit, retain, and develop a diverse group of employees who are dedicated to the accomplishment of that mission.

Our Vision

We will continue to provide and convey visible support to the University of Missouri-St. Louis' management and staff in achieving the defined goals of academic development, lifelong learning, educational outreach, community diversity, partnering and growth by building on a solid foundation of core values, practices and resources designed to ensure a positive, productive relationship between the university and its employees.

Our Values

A Clear Sense of Priorities

We always act in the best interest of the campus and the university. We strive to address the needs of our customers in the context of the larger organization, its goals, policies, and practices. We believe that we can achieve happy, loyal, and productive employees while keeping an eye on the mission and strategic priorities of the campus, the university and, ultimately, on the financial bottom line.

Sound Decision Making

Our decisions and advice are based on research guided by tried and true principles, verifiable data, observation, experience and precedent. To that end, we collect statistical information and maintain databases and detailed records on our workforce, the surrounding area, and comparator institutions. We expect that policy and law will form the foundation for many decisions. We interpret and apply those with an eye fixed firmly on the well-being of the organization and the intentions of those who developed them.


We have confidence in our knowledge and experience and that the services we provide are beneficial to our customers. We count on departments and individual employees recognizing and relying on our expertise to guide them in making decisions which further their objectives. In the same sense, we respect and accept the professional expertise of other departments that we rely on for operational and technical advice.


We are committed to continuously improving the quality of the services we provide. We recognize that the continuing success of the organization and the welfare of our employees are directly tied to that commitment.


We are privileged to be the gatekeepers for the fair and equal treatment of our customers. We refer special concerns to the Office of Equal Opportunity but view the prevention of favoritism and discrimination as our serious obligation. We value and promote the different perspectives and ideas that come from diverse backgrounds, knowledge, culture, and experience.