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  • Students should apply for graduation one year prior to their intended graduation date.
  • In order to graduate in a given semester students must apply prior to the deadline. Graduation Deadlines
  • To apply for graduation, complete the Online Application to Graduate via MyView.  For help, follow these instructions.
  • During the graduation application process you can elect to exclude your name from appearing in the commencement program.  If you currently have a FERPA restriction hold on your record, you still must elect to not have your name displayed - if that is your wish.  Otherwise, your name will appear in the commencement program.
  • During the graduation application process, students will be prompted to review their name and address for diploma printing and mailing.  Students can update their degree name with minor changes.  


For more information regarding commencement, visit the University Events commencement site.

The University is pleased to partner with Paradigm for diploma processing.  

Frequently Asked Questions Related to UMSL CeDiplomas and Mailed Diplomas 
  • What is a CeDiploma?
    • A Certified Electronic Diploma is a high resolution digital version of your diploma. It is digitally signed for additional security, can be officially validated via our website in minutes, and a growing global alternative to apostille.  
  • Who will receive a CeDiploma
    • Each degree graduate beginning with the fall 2021 semester will receive a CeDiploma
  • Will I receive a CeDiploma if I have a hold on my university record?
    • No, you will not be able to access until all holds prohibiting the release of your diploma have been removed. 
  • How can I access my CeDiploma?
    • You will receive an email from Paradigm (info@crecredentialtrust) in your university email when your CeDiploma is ready to be accessed.  Please keep in mind the link in the email will expire and you must register your account so that you can always access your CeDiploma.
  • Is there a cost for the CeDiploma? 
    • There is no cost to the student for the CeDiploma.
  • Can I print my CeDiploma?
    • No, the CeDiploma is not printable.   
  • Can I download and save my CeDiploma locally? 
    • Yes, you can download and save your diploma to your computer. This is recommended.
  • How long will I maintain access to my CeDiploma online? 
    • Access is limited until you register your account with CeCredential Trust.  Once you register with CeCredential Trust, you maintain lifetime access to your CeDiploma.  
  • Will I still receive my mailed paper diploma?
    • All students who have a U.S. address designated in their Degree Address type or Mailing Address type will receive a paper diploma as long as they do not have a hold on their account that prohibits the release of their diploma.  
  • When can I expect to receive my mailed/paper diploma?
    • Your diploma will be mailed to you approximately  6-8 weeks after commencement.  Please allow 30 days for postal delivery. 
  • If I don’t have a U.S. address, how can I obtain a paper copy of my diploma?
    • Students who have an international address listed for either their degree address type, or mailing address type can pick up their diploma in the Registrar’s Office.  Please ensure you bring a photo identification.  Your diploma will not be released without proper identification.. 
  • How can I request my diploma to be mailed internationally? 
  • Is there a charge to have my initial diploma mailed internationally? 
    • There is no charge for your initial diploma itself, however, you will be charged $85.00 for international postage.. Please keep in mind if you have already picked up your diploma in our office, this would be a duplicate diploma request and not an initial diploma. 
  • If my diploma is being held in the Registrar’s Office for pick up, how soon can I pick it up in person? 
    • Diploma’s will be available for pickup approximately 8 weeks after the end of the term.  It is highly recommended that you call the Registrar’s Office before coming to campus to confirm your diploma is ready and can be released. 
  • Will I receive or be able to pick up my printed diploma if there is a hold on my university record? 
    • No, all holds prohibiting the release of your diploma must be removed before you can pick up your diploma in the Registrar’s Office. 
  • What if my address has changed since diplomas were mailed. Where will my diploma be returned to?
    • Please remember Diplomas will not be forwarded by the Post Office. Ideally your diploma will be returned to UMSL.  If you have not received your diploma within three months from graduating, please contact the Registrar’s Office. 
  • What if I never received my original printed diploma? 
    • You may contact the Registrar’s Office for next steps. 
  • How do I obtain a diploma cover?
    • Diploma covers are issued at the commencement ceremony.  If you choose not to walk, you may contact the Registrar's Office about picking up a diploma cover in person after graduation. 
  • What is on my diploma
    • The following items are included on your diploma. 
      • Your degree name (if indicated), or your primary name on record.
      • Your degree earned (ex. Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Art, Masters in Education)
      • Your major (ex. Business Administration, Elementary Education)
      • Latin Honors (if applicable).  
  • What will not appear on my diploma?
    • The following data points are not included on your diploma.
      • Minors
      • Emphasis areas 
      • Department honors 
      • Certificates