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MyView Access

Faculty are granted permission to MyView automatically once FERPA is passed. 

If your non-faculty position requires you to access student's records (MyView), you need to submit all requests for security to Mary Tackett at  Please include the following information when submitting your request:

 Full Name (First, Middle Initial and Last Name)

  • SSO ID
  • EmplId
  • Have an active Human Resources appointment (in Outlook)
  • Academic Org or Department
  • Types of access needed (i.e. view student name, address, rosters etc.). Please be specific.
  • If you have not passed the FERPA exam, please login to MyLearn and complete the FERPA course
  • You will need the Department Chair and Dean's approval sent to before access can be granted or modified.
  • If you need access to one of the following, please contact the individuals below for requesting that access.
    • Admissions - Jaime Lincoln
    • Financial Aid - Samantha Matchefts
    • Student Financial's (Cashiers) - Mitch Hess