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Academic Dishonesty

ATP Guidelines and Information (includes NTT Promotion)

Book Buying Policy

Cancellation of Student Registration

Child Care Task Force

Class Visitation

Confidentiality of Grades

Copyright Policy

Course Evaluations

Curators Professorships Nomination Procedures

Curriculum Development/Changes

Department Chair Compensation Policy

Dual Credit (Advanced Credit Program)

Emergency Notification Policy

Entertaining Visitors Policy

Evaluating Classroom-Based, Online, Blended and Laboratory Teaching Interactions

Extra Compensation

Faculty Absence During a Semester

Faculty Credentials Verification

Faculty Hiring Practices

Adjunct Hiring Process

Adjunct Pool Hiring Process

Full-Time Academic Hiring Process

Faculty Office Hours

Faculty Participation in Commencement Ceremonies

Final Exams

Founders Professorship Process

Founders Professorship Agreement

General Education Plan Implementation

Grade Appeal

Immigration Documents

Instructor of Record

Military Reserves

Posthumous Degree

Policy on Call-Up of Service members

Rescinding Degrees

Research and Development Leave for Faculty

Roster/Enrollment Verification Policy

Safety Procedures

Scholarship Distribution Policy

Sexual Harassment

Student Absence Policy for University-Sanctioned Activities

Teaching and Research Grant Buy-Out Policy

Teaching Responsibilities

Undergraduate Studies, Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal

Unit Tenure and Promotion Documents

University of Missouri Intercampus Faculty Council

Unreported Grades

Wait List

Work Load