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How can I find my SSO id?

Visit the Information Technology Services webpage for assistance with finding your SSOid, resetting your password and more.

How can I find my student id number?

Log into MyGateway, and select the person icon on the top right hand corner.  Select my profile, and you will find your University ID, which is the same as your student id number

What is FERPA?

Find more information about FERPA.

How can I restrict the release of my directory information?

Current and recent students can restrict their directory information via the MyView Student Center, learn how.

Can I grant an authorized user (parent), access to my record in MyView?

Yes, students can give additional authorized access to users of their choice. This provides the user access to login to MyView and view the information the student has granted access to. Students can give access to their student account information, financial aid, or student record. Please note, some FERPA restrictions apply.  Instructions on how to grant access can be found here:

How can I add a preferred name to my record?

Learn how to add a preferred name.

I am a new student to UMSL.  How do I go about registering for classes?

As a new degree seeking student you will need to meet with your academic advisor before registering.  After meeting with them you can register in MyView once the open registration window has been reached for a term. For more information, see the section below on When can I register for classes

As a non-degree seeking student, you are not required to meet with an advisor, but may need to provide information related to pre-requisites for courses. New students can register in MyView once the open registration window has been reached. For more information, see the section below on When can I register for classes. 

When can I register for classes? 

Registration is based on your current enrollment status. Currently enrolled students are eligible to register during the pre-registration period. Your specific date will be available in MyView Self-Service.  New, returning, or students who are not currently enrolled, are eligible to register during the open enrollment period. Open enrollment is the third Monday of April for the fall semester, and third Monday of November for the spring semester. 

Who is my advisor? I have an advising hold on my record.  What steps do I need to take?

Academic advising is essential to your success as a student. For more information, to find out who your advisor is, and other important information on the academic advising website.

What classes do I need to graduate? 

Your academic advisor will be able to tell you or you could get a Degree Audit Report to see where you are and what you need. 

Where can I find a listing of classes being offered for the semester? 

Visit the Course Schedule page

I’m struggling to understand my class schedule from MyView. Is there information to guide me? 

Yes, check out this resource to assist in understanding your schedule. 

I need to make a change to my schedule such as adding a class, dropping a class, or withdrawing for the semester.  How can I do this? 

Students must officially request a change to their schedule. Please visit the Add/Drop page for information on the various changes that can be made to your course schedule.  

When is the last day to add a class?

Please visit the semester calendar for the last day to add a course. Up through this day, you should be able to add a class in MyView. After this day, you may still be able to add a class with special approvals.  A late request to add classes can be submitted via MyGateway

When is the last day to drop a class?

Please visit the semester calendar for the last day to drop a course. After this day, you may still be able to drop a class pending approvals. A late request to add classes can be submitted via MyGateway

When is the last day to withdraw for the semester?

Please visit the semester calendar for the last day to withdraw. A request to withdraw should be submitted via MyGateway. Please note, this may also require that you submit a request to drop depending on the deadline. 

How can I change the grading basis for one of my classes this semester from graded to satisfactory/unsatisfactory?

Students can submit a request to change their grading basis via MyGateway. Requests must be completed by the end of the first four weeks of a regular semester, or the first two weeks of a summer session.

What is cross campus enrollment, and how do I participate? 

Cross campus enrollment allows undergraduate degree seeking students to take classes at other UM System campuses. Your account must be in good standing in order to participate. Form more information, please visit the Cross Campus Enrollment section on our website. 

How do I obtain enrollment verification, or proof of enrollment?

An enrollment verification letter can be accessed immediately here.

How do I apply for Missouri Residency Status (in-state tuition)?

Once students have met the criteria set forth by the Missouri Department of Higher Education, they can petition for Missouri Residency status. Please visit our residency website for more information. 

What is the Midwest Student Exchange Program and how do I apply? 

MSEP is an initiative designed to increase interstate educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in its member states. Created by the Midwestern Higher Education Commission, the program enables residents of the following states to enroll in the institutions and specified programs located outside their home state at reduced tuition levels.  For more information, visit the residency website, and select the Midwest Student Exchange tab at the top of the page.

How do I change my name?

Students must complete an official name change and provide supporting documentation. Please visit our forms page and look for Name/Address Change. You will also find how you can submit your form and supporting documents. Visit the forms page.

How can I verify if my transcript was received by UMSL? 

Students can log into MyDegree, to check the status of their transfer credit. Visit the Degree Audit website for more information. 

Can I access a grade report?  

In MyView Student Center, find the Academic section. Select the Grades option. At the bottom of the page, select the Printer Friendly Page option.

If you need something more official for a receiving party, email the registration office (registration@umsl.edu) from your university email account, to request a copy of your grade report.  Please note, we can only produce one semester.  For multiple semesters you must request an official transcript. 

How do I see my cumulative GPA? 

In MyView Student Center, find the Academic section. Select the Grades option.  At the bottom of the Term Statistics section you will find your cumulative GPA.

How do I modify a grade?

Please contact your academic advisor for more information

How do I change my program/plan? 

Undergraduate students should contact their academic Advisor to discuss changes and how that may affect their time to graduate. Your advisor will submit a request through the Registrar application which will route to your for your approval. Your approval is required before the request routes to the Registrar’s Office for action. If you are currently Non-Degree seeking and wish to change to degree seeking, you must apply for admission through the Undergraduate Office of Admissions.

Graduate students are required to apply for admission if changing their major/degree program.  I

When is my final exam? 

The final exam schedule is available online.

How do I apply to graduate?

Students must apply to graduate via MyView before the semester deadline. During your application process you have the opportunity to update your name, and the mailing address for your diploma. Learn how to apply.

Please note: there are deadlines each semester and you must apply before the deadline.

What are the deadlines to apply to graduate? 

See the graduation deadlines.

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed 6-8 weeks after the semester closes. All financial obligations must be met with the university before your diploma will be released.

Can I request a duplicate copy of my diploma?

Yes, duplicate copies of diplomas can be requested. Visit our graduation website.

Can I request a grade change after I have graduated? 

Once a student completes their degree, they cannot request a grade change for a class that was used toward the degree requirements.

How can I appeal tuition and fees for a class or classes that I have dropped?

Students can file an appeal for spring or fall tuition and fees up to 90 days after the end of the term, or 30 days after a summer term. The fee appeal can be submitted online.

How do I request my transcript?

Please visit our transcript website. Additional FAQ’s related to transcripts can be found there.

I have a financial hold on my diploma and now it has been removed.  When will I get my diploma?   

The Registrar’s Office runs a report weekly of diploma holds that have since been released, and will mail diplomas at that time. Please contact our office to verify your degree address is correct. 

 I am a graduate student taking a leave of absence. How can I access the library and other software? 

Unfortunately, as a student on leave of absence, you are considered inactive and access cannot be granted to the library or other resources as an inactive student.

How can I update my expected graduation date with my lender?

If you applied to graduate, but have since changed your semester the update transmit to the National Student Clearinghouse the next time we report to them. We report once a month. The NSC will then disseminate that information to your lender.