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Schedule of Classes

Schedule of Classes

Find information about viewing the schedule of classes in MyView (for current and new students), and publicly searching the schedule of classes (for others). 

How to view the schedule in MyView:

  1. Log into MyView
  2. Select the Manage Classes tile
  3. Select Class Search from the left menu (Note: Do NOT use the back and forward buttons in the browser.  You must use the navigation buttons within the Class Search interface)
  4. Select the term you wish to view from the drop down menu
  5. Enter your criteria
  6. Select the search button at the bottom of the page


How to view the schedule outside of MyView:

  1. Select the button below
  2. Choose the term you are interested in
  3. Select at least two additional search criteria options.
  4. Select the Search button


View public searchable class schedule