Accessing the FERPA for Higher Education Exam


To complete the FERPA training, you must have an active appointment in HR, or a courtesy appointment, which will allow access to take the FERPA tutorial in Canvas, even if the appointment is future dated. Without an active or courtesy appointment in HR, users will not be able to access the FERPA tutorial in Canvas. If you experience difficulties logging into Canvas, please reach out to your department's Business Support Specialist, or your HR Assistant, as that likely means your appointment is not active or further action is needed.

From the UMSL homepage, select the Faculty and Staff link at the top.



In the Quick Links section, select Canvas.



After logging into Canvas, select the FERPA Training card. 

  ferpa training

If the card is not visible, you may need to change the dashboard view of Canvas.  In the top right-hand corner, select the three dots. From the list, select Card View. Then search and select the FERPA Training Card above.

canvas dashboard


Please allow up to 24 hours for your score to be recorded. A score of at least 80% or higher is required before additional access is granted.  

For Faculty:

After successfully passing the FERPA training, access to MyView will automatically be established within 24 hours. For issues, please contact Kathy Miguel at or Danielle Faucett at

Access to your academic course in Canvas should be granted within 24 hours if you are assigned to the course in MyView. All non-student roles on the course, Primary Instructor, Secondary Instructor, and Teaching Assistants, etc., must have a passing FERPA score before they will be allowed on the course in Canvas. For issues, please contact Megan Miller at, or Danielle Faucett at

For Non-Faculty: If your position requires you to access student records via MyView, your supervisor will need to submit a request for security.  Supervisors can submit the request online using the Google form. The security team will submit the request for access. For questions, contact the Registrar's Office  at  

  • If you need access to one of the following, please contact the individuals below for that access
    • Admissions - Terri Montgomery
    • Financial Aid - Samantha Matchefts
    • Student Financials (Cashiers) - Mitch Hess