Cross campus enrollment allows students to take a class(s) at another UM Campus.  It's a simple process to enroll.  To participate you must be an undergraduate degree-seeking student at UMSL with no holds impacting registration.

If you are an UMSL student wanting to take classes at another UM campus, simply log into MyView and navigate to your Student Center.  Under the Academics area you will see a link to Enroll: MU, S&T, & UMKC.  Use the links provided to search the other campus Schedule of Classes to determine what courses are available.  You will want to check for online instruction mode unless you are willing to travel to the campus.  To participate, select the campus you would like to visit, the term you intend to take the class in,  read and check the acknowledgement, and submit.  You will receive an email from the campus you are visiting with instructions related to your next steps.   

If you are a student at another UM school, please visit Joe's, MyZou, or Pathway and follow the instructions above.


FAQ's for UMSL students interested in attending another UM campus

FAQ's for UM students interested in attending UMSL