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Career Services: As an UMSL student (and two years after graduation), you have access to our Career Services Center. This center can assist you in updating your resume, assisting you in your job search, and giving you interview tips for your first big interview! Career Services is located in 278 Millennium Student Center. 

Counseling: Self Care is important, especially for busy graduate students! As a student of UMSL, our campus offers $10 counseling sessions at 2 different locations. Both require an intake session prior to starting services, but the good news is the first session is FREE!

Libraries: UMSL's North campus is home to four libraries- the Thomas Jefferson Library, the St. Louis Mercantile Library, the State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center - St. Louis, and the University Archives. While they are located within the Thomas Jefferson Library, each has a very different purpose. Within the Thomas Jefferson library, you can check out books, check out laptops, utilize the computer labs and printers, or grab a Starbucks at Cafe TJ. If you are starting a research project, it may be helpful to talk to one of the librarians about the various resources that are available to UMSL students. Work smarter not harder!

Millennium Student Center: The Millennium Student Center, also referred to as the MSC, is the home to many essential student resources. Here you will find places to eat, places to study or hangout, and many other important offices on campus! The MSC is the center of campus and where campus tends to be the mostly lively during the day!

Recreation and Wellness Center: As a student at UMSL (part-time and full-time), you have full access to UMSL's Recreation and Wellness Center. Our recreational center, newly renovated in 2015, consists of 100,000 square feet of space dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle of our students! You can utilize the workout equipment, join a free group fitness class, go for a swim, or climb the rock wall right on campus! The only thing that you need to do is bring your TritonCard UMSL ID to access the facility and register at the front desk.
Tour of Recreation and Wellness Center

Bulletin: Students can use the bulletin to access graduate program policies and information on their college or department.  

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Career Services
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Counseling Services
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Counseling and Social Advocacy Center
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UMSL Library
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Millennium Student Center
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Recreation and Wellness Center
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