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Graduate students may submit travel support requests through the Graduate Travel Support app.  Students may apply for travel support pre-trip or post-trip, and requests may be submitted for Graduate School and departmental travel support, or for Graduate School, departmental and professor travel support.

  • Log into the Graduate Travel Support app with your userID and password
  • Select the administrative person within your department who should approve your departmental and/or professor funding request (both department admin and gradschool will be notified upon submission)
  • Complete the 'conference information' and 'trip costs' sections (you will need your abstract, student statement and supporting statement from advisor; items can be entered or uploaded)
  • Enter your estimated trip costs when submitting a pre-trip travel form.  Enter your final trip costs when submitting your post-trip travel form.  Trip receipts should be uploaded when submitting your post-trip travel form
  • You will receive a confirmation email with more information upon submission.  You may return to the app at any time to check the status of your request
  • Only students in good academic standing who are enrolled as a graduate student at the time of the conference are eligible. 
  • The Graduate school will provide funding only for attendance at conferences that are international, national, or (in rare cases) regional in scope. Travel to local meetings is not eligible.  Online conferences are not eligible.
  • Funds will only be provided for students who are presenting original research related to their field of study, or contributing in another significant way, such as a speaker or panelist.  The advisor or graduate program director is asked to document the importance of the meeting within the discipline. The scope of the meeting is typically defined by the affiliations of the speakers, particularly invited speakers.
  • The maximum award from the graduate school is $500. Smaller amounts may be awarded based on the actual costs of attending the meeting or in cases of a meeting with more limited scope/importance.
  • Students must have a commitment of conference travel funds from outside of the Graduate School.  Funds may come from the students academic program, college, advisor etc. The Graduate School travel award matches other conference funding being received up to $500  (only funding from on-campus units will be matched). As such, the applicant must select an administrative person within their department who should indicate/approve any departmental and/or professor funding being provided.  There is no strict requirement of a minimum amount of matching funds, but the ratio of matching funds to Graduate School funds will be considered in the award decision.
  • A student may receive only one travel award in a fiscal year. The UMSL fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. The date of the travel award is defined as the first day of the meeting

The Graduate School travel award is a reimbursement and is posted to a student account once the student has returned from their conference and submitted their trip receipts within the GTS app. The travel award will apply towards any fees already owed on a student's account and the difference if any will be refunded. If no fees are owed, the full amount of the travel award will be refunded.