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Download detailed student submission instructions

Please bookmark this page - it is updated often and it contains the most up to date information.
  • All forms must be submitted from your UMSL email address. Forms or student specific information coming from any other email address [ex: yahoo, gmail, etc.] will be disregarded. This is the only way we can confirm your identity.
  • Firefox works best with these forms - it can be downloaded for free here.
  • Forms MUST be downloaded and opened with Adobe Reader DC, opening a file within the browser will not allow it to be fillable. Check your browser's download settings to ensure the proper procedure.
    • If you are unable to get the electronic signature to work, print the typewritten form - sign and scan the form to your advisor, via UMSL email.
  • Please send your signed form via UMSL email, as an attachment. Do not use Adobe "Collect Signatures/Send for Signatures" feature.
  • You must obtain signatures from your Advisor, Committee Members, and Graduate Program Director as indicated on the forms before submission to the Graduate School - any forms submitted without these signatures, will be discarded.
  • Your academic unit may have internal deadlines you need to meet and other forms that need to be completed before your paperwork is forwarded to the Graduate School 
  • Please send all forms, after appropriate signatures have been obtained, to  GradSchoolForms@umsl.edu for faster processing. Incomplete forms will not be evaluated.

Course Related Forms / General Student Forms / Master's and Ed. Specialist Level Forms / Doctoral Level Forms / Faculty Forms

Have you met the requirements for your degree?  Find forms and deadlines here!

If you are a doctoral or EdS student (currently active in a doctoral or EdS program) who is earning your Master’s along the way, please complete this form first, so that we can enable the application to your request for the master’s degree.

Course Related Forms

Form Description Submission
C1 Admission of Undergrads to
Graduate Level Courses
During enrollment period
**Limited to 6 credit hours**
Inter-University Graduate
Enrollment Request
[ found on Registrar's Office forms page]
Enrollment Period
C4 UM System
Visiting Student Application
Enrollment Period
C5 Request for Course Replacement By the last day to add a course
in the semester of replacement


General Student Forms

Form Description Submission
AM1 Accelerated Masters
Provisional Application
After completing at least 60 undergraduate credit hours and conferring with your undergraduate advisor and Graduate Program Director
AM Student Instructions
TwoPlusThree [2+3]
Information and Application
Work with your faculty advisor for specifics about this program option
Advising Form No submission, for student reference only
Late Drop Form
If you are withdrawing from UMSL: Complete Registration Survey
Must be submitted by the last date to drop classes in a semester
G2 Application for
Teaching or Research
After Application to Graduate School; Submit to School or Dept where you wish to apply for assistantship
G3 Transfer Credit Form At the beginning of your program, as soon as you begin coursework at UMSL
G6 Incorporation of
Non-Matriculated, Post-Bac
Work at UMSL
Students in Non-Degree Status ONLY
G7 Petition for
Course Overload
PRIOR to Registration period
G9 Petition for Waiver
of Residence Requirement
PRIOR to last 2/3rds of degree program
G10 Application for
Graduate Certificate
See Graduation Deadlines for specific dates
G11 Request for Tuition Scholarship
for GRA/GTA/Fellows
Submit request through the GATS app. Paper requests no longer accepted.
G14 Request for
Equivalency Hours
After student has enrolled, req. forms have been approved, etc.


Master's and Ed. Specialist Level Forms

Master's and Educational Specialist Degrees have a completion time limit of 6 years.

Form Description Submission
M2 Appointment of
Thesis, Examination,
Paper or Project
Part A must be
submitted and approved
PRIOR to Part B

See Graduation Deadlines
for more information
M3 Preliminary Approval of Thesis Submitted at least
6 weeks prior to graduation
M4 Application for Graduation
Master's and Ed. Specialist Degrees
See Graduation Deadlines
for more information


Doctoral Level Forms

Doctoral degrees have a completion time limit of 8 years - based on this time limit, we have compiled this table with links to forms.  Links to form submission process - PhD, DBA, DNP & EdD

Form Description
D1 Appointment of Comp. Exam Committee and Report of Results
D3 Application for Candidacy
D4 Appointment of Dissertation Committee
D5 Doctoral Dissertation Proposal
The D5 must be submitted for approval by the close of the term preceding the semester in which the student wishes to graduate (e.g., 17 December 2016 for May 2017 grad; 13 May 2017 for August 2017 grad; 5 August 2017 for December 2017 grad, etc.). These dates can be found on the Academic Calendar.  Any D5 that is denied approval by the Graduate Program Director or the Graduate School must be re-submitted by the candidate and the re-submission date and subsequent approvals will determine the term in which the student is eligible to graduate.
D6 Prelim. Approval of Dissertation and Oral Defense
[Submit with D9 and prelim. dissertation]
D7 Dissertation Committee Report of Defense and Final Approval of Dissertation
D9 Oral Defense Announcement
[Submit with D6 and prelim. dissertation]

Faculty Forms

Form Description Submission
Degree Planning Tool Student Record ONLY
No Submission
Add/Drop Class within the 1st FOUR weeks of a semester No later than the 4th week of a semester
Late Drop
Drop class after the 4th week of a semester Prior to the final day to drop a class in a semester
C2 Request to Approve Institute, Workshop or Grad Course through Continuing Ed Must obtain approval 3 weeks prior to course announcement
**UMSL Faculty use only**
G4 Request for Change from Provisional to Regular or Restricted Status
[GPD removes through MyView, no form required.]
G5 Petition for Transfer from Restricted to Regular Status
[GPD removes through MyView, no form required.]
G15 Request for Exemption from ITA Seminar
TwoPlusThree [2+3]
Information and Application