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Graduate Research Fair

Welcome to GRF 2024

The Graduate School sponsors a Graduate Research Fair (GRF) annually in the Spring semester. This event allows graduate students from all degree programs to display the research that they have been working on throughout their time as an UMSL student. We want our students to have a chance to show off their hard work and get feedback from fellow peers and faculty members. 

stay tuned for more information about the 2024 Grad Research Fair

GRF Frequently Asked Questions

I am an undergraduate student, can I participate?

Unfortunately, this event is solely for graduate students. Undergraduate students are encouraged to attend St. Louis Area Undergraduate Research Symposium.  More information

Check out the Student Research Office for more research opportunities!

How will the posters be judged?

  1. All posters must be set up by 1PM.
  2. All posters will be separated into 2 different categories:
    • (A) math/computer science/natural sciences
    • (B) social sciences/humanities/business/education.
  3. There will be separate judging for each broad category, and these categories may be subdivided further depending on the number of participants.
  4. Each poster is assigned to a team of three faculty judges who have a copy of the abstract in advance.
  5. There will be a couple of rounds of judging, depends on the number of the presenters.

Hint: Target your poster to a general audience, because you may have viewers and/or judges that are not from your specific area of study!

What should participants bring for their displays?

All students must bring any materials necessary to present their research (poster, easel, backboards, pushpins, etc.). The Graduate School will provide a 2' x 5' table for your poster only. In most cases, the best option is to use your own easel with your poster mounted on a 3' x 5' poster board.

Are there prizes involved

  • In addition, students that are awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each broad category during the second round of judging will receive $500, $300, and $200 respectively.
  • Masters students have the ability to win these prizes and will be judged separately.

I do not want to present, but I would like to see the research. Do I need to stay the whole time?

No (though we would love to have you there)! We encourage students to come and go as they please. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact:
graduate@umsl.edu or (314) 516-5900

Application Instructions

RegistER NOW for the GRF 2024!

Students that would like to see research and not present need not register.

Step One: Learn Expectations

  • Read the FAQ tab provided- it's a helpful place to start! 
  • Next, click the Guidelines button for GRF expectations. 

Step two: Abstract & Registration 

  • Download the Abstract Approval Form  and complete it in Adobe. Abstracts must be 400 words or less. Reduce length of Abstracts that exceed this word count. Follow the instructions provided in the form to complete it. 

  • Once the form is complete with signatures, it should be uploaded as an attachment into the Registration button below.


  1. Please use your unique SSOID@umsl.edu + password (same password used for MyView).
  2. Then click the  Registration button.


  • Once you have registered, and click on receipt of response after submission, then you will receive a confirmation email from Microsoft Forms. You will be contacted by graduate@umsl.edu to confirm acceptance into the competition after the deadline passes on April 5. 


Step Three: Prepare poster for GRF

  • Please revisit the Guidelines and the FAQ tab above for important information as a presenter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact The Graduate School at graduate@umsl.edu or (314) 516-5900.

  Congratulations 2023 GRF Winners!