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Oral Defense Announcements

Spring 2024 Candidates for Graduation

7/21/23 at 10:00a

Casey M. Bell
Losing Face in a Digital World: An Investigation of Relationship Selling in The Independent Insurance Agency
11/13/23 at 9:00a
TLC-Sigma Aldrich
Kim Starkey
Design Thinking’s Effect on Empathy Development in Middle School English- Language Arts
11/16/23 at 2:00p
432 Benton
Chemeda Tadese Ejeta
High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Interstellar Lines and Comets
11/17/23 at 1:00p
106 ABH
Nathan Pennington
Ways to Prevent Moral Disengagement in YouTube Content Creators: A Role for Empathy and Self-Compassion
1/24 at 3:30p
ShaQuina D. White & Desirae N. Williams
Counseling and Mental Health Awareness in Higher Education Institutions:
A Phenomenological Exploration of Mental Health and How It Affects Degree Completion among Black Undergraduate College Women
2/22 at 11:00a
Kira Carter, Jane Kelley, RC Patterson & Jason Vasser-Elong
Steminism: Analyzing Factors That Improve Retention of Women in STEM
2/22 at 1:00p
108 ABH
Jo Pang
Open Strategy for Social Impact: An Action Research Study of a Multistakeholder Open Strategy Planning Process
3/5 at 4:30p
TLC Sigma-Aldrich
Shanee Haynes, Rayza Rolón-Nieves, Kevin Wathen and Jordan Watson
Student–faculty Engagement Solutions for Retention of Racially Minoritized Students
3/12 at 4:00p

Molly C. Croghan, Ebonie S. Davis, Janci Finkley, Zehra Kahn, Yvette A. Levy, Evan Mudanya and Lizbeth Román
The Postsecondary Success of Historically Marginalized Black and Latino Male Students: Examining Factors that Impact College Readiness Preparation and Persistence


 Summer 2024 Candidates for Graduation

6/15/23 at 1:00p
Maire Claire Diemer
Missed and Prior Diagnoses in Children Later Diagnosed with Autism
12/7/23 @ 12:00p
Camelia A. Harb
Engagement in Mental Health Research:
The Role of Mental Health Awareness and Perceived Intervention Stigma in Clinical Research Engagement Among African American Faith Communities