Fall 2023 Candidates for Graduation

7/13 at 3:30p
Rm 1 - Seton
Jordan M. Enzwiler
Daily SBAR Sheet for Pediatric Patients with Central Lines
7/21 at 10:00a
Casey M. Bell
Losing Face in a Digital World: An Investigation of Relationship Selling in The Independent Insurance Agency
7/29 at 9:00a
Shannon Lively
Neurodiverse Perceptions of Inclusivity in the Workplace
8/3 at 10:00a
TLC - Sigma Rm
Nicole Barvian
A Cognitive View of General Chemistry Education
8/22 at 11:00a
106 ABH
R. Scott Morris
Successfully Scaling Digital Technology Ventures: An Empirical Study of the Strategic Choices that Maximize Firm Value
8/24 at 1:00p
303 Benton
Rieka Yu
Assessing Threats to Plant Populations: Linking Pollinator Differences to Patterns of Plant Fitness and Population Genetics
9/18 at 12:30p
104 NAB
Samjhana Thapa
Pneumococcal Vaccination in Adult Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
9/21 at 3:00p
106 ABH
Matthew Jachin Aplin-Houtz
With a Little Help at Home: The Impact of Romantic Partner Support on Daily Burnout and Workplace Incivility
9/26 at 12:00p
202 ABH
Johnna Murray
Risky Business: CEO Risk Tolerance and Non-GAAP Earnings
10/30 at 1:00p
Danielle M. Faucett
Student Retention through Decision Making and Withdrawal: The Importance of Course Scheduling in Higher Education

Summer 2024 Candidates for Graduation

6/15/23 at 1:00p
Maire Claire Diemer
Missed and Prior Diagnoses in Children Later Diagnosed with Autism