We have three graduate programs

  1. Masters in Computer Science
  2. Masters in Cybersecurity/Computer Science emphasis.
  3. Students can also continue into our Ph.D. or come directly for this program.

The graduate programs can be completed part-time or full-time, with a combination of evening and online courses. They do not require the same undergraduate degree but they do require som related foundations through courseswork or experience/non-academic-traning. Those in a program can also group courses into graduate certificates following specific interests: 

  1. Certificate in Artificial Intelligence
  2. Certificate in Cybersecurity
  3. Certificate in Data Science
  4. Certificate in Internet and Web
  5. Certificate in Mobile Apps and Computing

Students can also gain industrial experience as a part of their program by using available internships, and visa students can gain further experience with CPT/OPT.

Our full time faculty have broad expertise, supplemented by expert adjuncts for specific topics or technologies. Many faculty conduct research funded by local and national organizations such as NSF, NIF, and DoD, and offer paid research assistantships to interested qualified students, read about undergraduate research opportunities, the major research areas, and the current project.

Our graduates can be found in all major and small companies in the region, nationally, and internationally. Examples include Boeing, Express Scripts, Google, Microsoft, Bayer, Centene, Mastercard, etc. Some students form their own businesses before or after graduation. For more information on possible careeres see here.