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Graduate Degree Programs in the Department of Computer Science

The department offers graduate degree programs as listed bellow. For other related information, review the Graduate Studies page.

Note that, following graduate school regulations, we require minimum of GPA 3.0, or 2.75 with some additional strong evidence (GRE, letters, experience, etc.). International applicants should review English and other requirements. We can review applications with lower GPA if they include some some relevant experience, additional coursework, etc., in which case we require description and evidence of the additional support.

We also require some foundation coursework/knowledge to enter each program as noted on the program page. We can admit with some missing background, and these restrictions can be removed by providing new evidence, or by taking coursework, before or after arrival. Applicants with more than three missing subject areas are advised to gather the knowledge through credit or noncredit studies and reapply. Any information/knowledge not seen in the transcripts should be explicitly details in the statement of intent.

Applicants interested in cybersecurity: note that you may take just the cybersecurity graduate certificate, follow the M.S. in Computer Science program while taking the cybersecurity certificate using the certificate option, or enter the M.S. in Cybersecurity program - the entry backgrounds are similar similar but not the same for the two degree programs; the certificate itself has much weaker entry requirements.

Dual Degree Program
BS and MS Dual Degree in Computer Science  
Master of Science
MS in Computer Science  
MS in Cybersecurity - Computer Science Emphasis  UMSL-O-lowres.png
Doctor of Philosophy
Ph.D. in Mathematical and Computational Sciences-Computer Science Option  

Archived Programs
MS in Cybersecurity - Computer Science Emphasis (ended SP2020) 
MS in Computer Science (ended FS2019) 

UMSL|NOW Courses available online UMSL-O-lowres.png and evening  allowing the certificate to be completed online or evening.