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M.S. in Computer Science starting 2024

Note: changes pending. Students admitted before the changes are finalized can choose to follow this program or the program in effect when admitted and can graduate under this program.

The Master of Science in Computer Science at UMSL prepares students for rewarding careers related to computer science or solidifies the knowledge and offers advancement of those already working in a related field. Admission is open to applicants with some computing-related coursework, training, and/or experience. Others can still transition into the program – review this page for more information and contact the program director for additional guidance.

Applicants apply through and must meet the Graduate School requirements plus the following additional departmental GPA and foundation requirements. Those admitted, for whom we could not determine some foundations or with GPA deficiencies, can be admitted with restrictions.

Applicants with relevant full-time training and/or experience can apply for up to 6 proficiency transfer credits toward the degree in CMP SCI 5991, regardless of their undergraduate degree.

Students may enroll in our program on a full-time or part-time basis, and all programs can be completed in the evening UMSL-E-lowres.png. Moreover, some courses are available online and many are offered in hybrid mode - including recorded lectures and classroom meetings once a week in the evening.

The program is STEM designated.

Program Director: Sanjiv Bhatia

Admissions Requirements

Degree Requirements