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About the Computer Science Department


The Department of Computer Science offers exciting and high quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs and certificates. At the undergraduate level, we offer four degrees: computer science, computing technology, cybersecurity and data science. We also offer minor in computer science and certificates in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Programming, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Internet and Web, Mobile Apps and Computing. Students in any of the degree programs, from other departments, or applicants interested in just the certificates can take them to specialize following specific interests. For current students, this may not require additional credits depending on the specific degree program and certificate.

At the graduate level, we offer master's in computer science, master’s in cybersecurity as well as a doctoral program in mathematical and computational sciences with an option in computer science covering a wide range of areas including cybersecurity. In addition, we offer graduate certificates: Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Internet and Web, and Mobile Apps and Computing. Certificates can be earned as part of a degree, or separately.

Many of our programs and courses are offered online or evening, look for umsl-o-lowres.png and  umsl-e-lowres.png. Our programs are a part of the DHS/NSA university recognition for excellence in cybersecurity education.

With our limited class sizes, we offer close interactions between faculty and students, and upper level computer classes often include sponsor-based projects with license fees distributed to the students. In addition, our clubs such as the Computing Club provide opportunities to meet other students, engage in similar career-related activities, and participate in sponsored competitions. We also award departmental scholarships, totaling up to $50,000 a year. Interested students can also involve themselves in research oriented activities through independent courses in the undergraduate research experiences program or a graduate program (review research areas and current projects) or can work as tutors or graders.

The University of Missouri-St. Louis is a student oriented research university, so most courses, especially in our department, are taught in small sections rather than large lectures, and instruction is provided by an experienced, professional staff with advanced degrees. Advanced classes are taught almost entirely by professors with doctoral degrees, or working experts in the field. We are proud to have a professorial faculty who are devoted to teaching and who are also engaged in research activities, for which many have national and international reputations.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our department.