The doctoral program is designed to provide the highest level of academic study and research in computer science, in specializations corresponding to our graduate faculty and including cybersecurity, graphics, AI, evolutionary computation, etc. The degree is one of the options in the Ph.D. in Mathematical and Computational Science program. Our graduates have successfully transitioned to academic, industrial, and government careers.

The Ph.D. degree is conferred in recognition of both breath of competence in computer science, and in technical research abilities as evidenced by production of an acceptable dissertation. The required work consists of advanced studies in preparation for specialized research, and in the completion of original research resulting in a significant contribution to the body of knowledge in the area.

The entire program can be completed full time or part time, will all necessary coursework available in the evening in rotation.Moreover, many courses are available online or in hybrid mode requiring only one visit to class per week.

When planning advancement towards the Ph.D. degree, one should not neglect the fact that independent research for the actual dissertation requires large amounts of time to be devoted by the candidate. A thoughtful planning of outside obligations, especially for the period of dissertation research, should therefore be carefully performed. Special dissertation fellowships can help to compensate for financial responsibilities.

Program Director: Sanjiv Bhatia

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The department admits students for the Fall and Spring semesters on a rolling basis.  For international students, the deadline depends on the country of origin due to visa processing, and it is typically May 31 for the Fall semester and October 31 for the Spring semester.

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